Raising Harry

Evil Author Day
Title: Raising Harry
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Undecided
Rating: M  
Warnings: Discussions of child abuse, (physical and mental only) violence, death of characters,  time travel
Summary: After Sirius falls through the veil he finds himself in Potter Manor standing in front of a strange elf holding his 15-month-old Godson.

Harry Potter belongs to JKR

Chapter 1 & 2

Sirius Black stared down at the little creature standing before him, holding very precious cargo. He shook his head slightly as he tried to understand what exactly was going on. He had no idea how he had gotten here or what was happening. Nor could he even begin to imagine how he was still alive, standing here looking at a fifteen-month-old Harry.

The last thing he remembered was fighting in the Department of Mysteries and being struck by a curse, his cousin, Bellatrix Le Strange had thrown at him, heading straight for the Veil of Death. His eyes had landed on the horror struck face of his Godson, and he only had a second to be grateful that Remus had been able to hold Harry back before everything went black, and he found himself right where he was now.

Dobby?” Sirius’ tone was filled with the million questions he had running through his mind, care to explain what is going on here?” His voice was tainted with, not only curiosity but also a little amusement, he was pretty sure he had to be dreaming.

Dobby did something, sir, that he was not supposed to do. Dobby used the magics of his Master Harry Potter and travelled back through time. Dobby wanted to make sure that Master Harry Potter had a better life this time, and was surrounded by peoples he could trust. Dobby has to be doing this sirs, Dobby just has to be.” The elf was almost hysterical as he clutched his Master and stared at Sirius.

How about we,” Sirius paused for a minute to look around and see where exactly he was. His breath left him in a rush as he took in his surroundings, and his knees gave out. Potter Manor. He had never thought he would see this place again after the death of the elder Potters, he had so many happy memories of this place and had asked James, once, why he didn’t hide here.

Dobby used his magic to summon a chair, so that Sirius didn’t fall, as his legs buckled under him, causing him to drop suddenly. Dobby knew it would take a while for Misters Black to adjust, but there was so much that needed to be done, and they did not have time for him to break down just yet. “We be having a lot to get through Misters Black, I be needing you to pay attentions now,” Dobby stated as he watched the man try to compose himself.

Jinxy,” Dobby called and another elf popped into place.

Dobby be doing it, Jinxy can be feeling the flux, Dobby really be doing it.”

Yes, Dobby be doing it, just as Dobby promised, but Dobby be needing Jinxy to be getting Misters Black a calming draught.”

Of course, right away,” the elf popped away and was back in seconds. Sirius stared at Jinxy, tears in his eyes and he accepted the potion from, in his mind, the dead elf.

How?” Was all he could get out after he downed the potion.

Dobby,” Jinxy said, as he watched Sirius with careful eyes, it had been Jinxy’s job to take care of the young man when he moved into the Manor as a young boy. Jinxy always loved looking after Sirius, he even helped develop some of the pranks the boys pulled.

Sirius reached out a hand and grabbed hold of Jinxy’s, smiling sadly at the little elf, his eyes filled with tears. Jinxy smiled back, happy to be with Sirius again, and thrilled that Master Harry was home, it helped the ache he felt for the deaths of his Masters and knowing that they all could have perished. Jinxy had died in Harry’s third year at Hogwarts. He had tried everything in his power to get to Harry, but the bond had been strained by the wards on Privet Drive and had broken completely when Harry turned eleven. They had no idea why they were still prevented from getting to Harry while he was at Hogwarts, home or at the Burrow. Jinxy had been the last Potter elf to cling on, trying to find a way back to Harry, his pain had called to Dobby somehow since the sneaky elf had snuck a bond between the two after being freed from Lucius. It was just days after meeting Dobby that Jinxy past, but Dobby had promised he would make things better, he would find a way.

Chapter 2

Sirius dropped into the chair in front of the roaring fire, his hand sore, his mind tired, but overall content with the progress he had made.  In one ingenious move, thanks to a very loyal and devious house elf, he had managed to shut down a whole list of plots, from him being sent to Azkaban,  to keeping Dumbledore from taking over as Harry’s magical guardian and dumping his godson with those Merlin awful muggles.

Getting the will published in the prophet, after buying it, was pure genius, since no one could argue with the legal document.  Dumbledore had tried to get it suppressed, but Dobby was already two steps ahead of the old coot.    He was still having a hard time believing, Pettigrew,  that rat bastard was in his old cell in Azkaban instead of him.  It was a lot to take in as he tried to assimilate the old memories with the new.

Shaking out his hand, the joys of paperwork, he sighed and smiled when Jinxy popped in with a pain reliever.  “Thanks, Jinx, I don’t know how I survived all those years without you.”

Jinx smiled at him sadly, “Yous didn’t Misters Sirius,” she whispered, before popping out.  Sirius huffed, but had to agree, he had done a piss poor job by himself, and eventually let his insane cousin off him.  He grumbled to himself after downing the potion, only to relax as the ache eased.  He had to admit, it had been a long few months since he found himself standing in Potter Manor with a strange house-elf and his Godson.   Now he just had to concentrate on the plans they had been making, to keep them safe.

Ten Years Later:

The Potter elves were so fidgety, Harry had to look twice to make sure he saw right.  He knew the elves got anxious any time he left the Manor, they had been that way since he could remember.  Harry knew it had to do with what had happened in the previous timeline, he shuddered every time he thought of it.  His dad had told him about it slowly over the years to help with his training.  Even though they had put an end to the spirit of Voldemort, thanks to all the information Dobby had, and his Horcrux’, which Harry still had trouble believing someone would be desperate enough to make and, they had neutralised Dumbledore as well.

Harry knew that he would still have to face certain things when he was out of the Manor. He was, after all, known as the Chosen One, The Defeater of The Dark Lord, and Merlin how he hated those titles.  His dad had tried everything to get the public to stop calling him them, but it had started in an obscure paper that they had never heard of and spread from there.  The Daily Prophet had only printed it once, and after the wrath of Sirius Black, had never done so again, nor printed anything that upset the man.

His dad.  Harry sighed as he thought of the man.  His dad loved him to distraction, he had done everything in his power to protect and nurture him, and after knowing what could have been, Harry revelled in it, which is what made today so hard, even though he had been looking forward to it for years.  Today was Hogwarts day.

Harry knew, without a doubt, that had Dumbledore still been around, he would never have set foot into the school, and up until two weeks ago, he wasn’t sure if his dad would let him go now.   But Dobby had promised to protect him, and stay by his side, being the heir of Gryffindor had its perks, his dad had caved.  Though he would be visiting him often.

Dumbledore was another issue altogether, though he had been neutralised quite thoroughly by his dad, he knew the old man was still out there.  He just hoped, now that Voldemort was really dead, he would leave him alone.  He knew that during the years they were working on destroying Tom Riddle’s soul, Dumbledore had tried to access Neville.  That had worked about as well for him as getting access to Harry had.

Neville and Harry had spent the week after doing their school shopping, practising spells and flying.  Neville was actually an excellent flyer, which was the total opposite of what Dobby said. But since Neville had parents this time, thanks to Dobby and Sirius’ intervention, and hadn’t Sirius revelled in killing Bella, Rod and Barty Jr., he had a lot more confidence than the boy he was described to be.  It had also been the downfall of Barty Snr.  Sirius had just shrugged and said, two birds, one stone, and then laughed with Dobby.  Harry still marvelled at the blood thirsty nature of his elf, the little thing was vicious. That had been none the more apparent when the elf had gone after the Horcrux at Malfoy Manor, he was sure the only reason Lucius was still alive was Sirius had told the elf not to do anything that would take the elf away from protecting Harry.  It was his number one job after all.  The man had, had a very long recovery period and twitched every time he saw an elf, which was often since they had a few at the Manor.  Dobby still laughed at how well the elves of Malfoy Manor were treated.

Harry tapped his foot in the floo room, waiting on Neville and his dad and mom to come through,  Frank had taken over the role of Godfather, after Sirius had blood adopted Harry.  Alice was named his Godmother in the will.  He loved his extended family, and enjoyed the motherly role Alice played in his life, she was an energetic woman, who, like Neville, had a love of Herbology.  She was also a whiz in potions and had taught the two boys to love both things too.

“You ready?”  Sirius’ voice washed over him like a warm blanket as his arm settled over his shoulder.  His dad’s love was a very tangible thing to him, he had never doubted for a second it was there, and it was almost like another entity in the room.  He had believed it was so big because his dad tried to love him enough for three, and he did. Harry knew, without a doubt, that Lily and James Potter loved him.

“Yep, just waiting for Neville,” he turned into his father’s arms and held on tight, “I’m going to miss you so much, Dad,” Harry mumbled into Sirius’ chest.  Sirius chuckled slightly and squeezed Harry tight.

“Me too pup, but I will be around so often, you may get sick of me.  But suck it up, cause it’s gonna happen.”  Sirius laughed as Harry snorted, squeezing his dad a little tighter before letting go.

The floo flared to life, and a grinning Neville popped out, followed by his mother and father.  “Ready for Hogwarts?”  Neville asked, causing Harry to grin just as widely.

“Sure am! Did you get permission to stay in the Gryffindor suites with me?”  It had been a contentious subject, with a lot of going back and forth.  A lot of it had to do with the fact that Neville didn’t know if he would get sorted into Gryffindor, since he took after his mother so much, and she was a quintessential Hufflepuff.

“We managed to get Minerva to fold, after a lot of discussions and a broom donation to the Gryffindor team.  That woman drives a hard bargain.”  Frank shook his head and laughed at Sirius, before adding, “I told her, you would be paying half, since if Neville does get sorted into Hufflepuff, Pomona wants the same deal as Minerva.”  Sirius just looked at the man like he had grown a second head, while the boys laughed loudly at the two men.

“You can’t blame him, dad,”  Harry said, “you were the one that wore him down until he became just as bad as you and pulling pranks.” It had been fun to watch over the years, as Frank slowly became more and more involved in pranking people.  It had started out slow, of course, but Sirius could get anyone to retaliate if he put his mind too it, and he was not thanked by the Aurors that Frank worked with.

Sirius muttered under his breath but eventually agreed.  “I probably should have seen that coming, since she has managed to upgrade the school with the funds they found Dumbledore had been hoarding, to fund his war.  Madam Hooch was thrilled with the new school brooms.”

“I’m just excited about all the new classes,” Harry said.

“Are we leaving now?” Neville asked as he shuffled from foot to foot, anxious to get to the platform.  The adults all grinned at the boy’s excitement as Harry looked up at them asking the same thing.

“Yes, boys lets floo over now.  Dobby where….”

“Dobby being here Sirs, Dobby has Master Harry’s trunk and Miss Hedwig already be leaving for Hoggywarts.  Dobby will be with Master Harry and Neville Sir on the train, while Winky setting up Master’s room.”  Winky was another change that had occurred in this future, Dobby had made sure that Sirius had rescued her and taken her in.  Harry had been delighted by her growing up.  She had been like a little mother, and Harry adored her, while the other Potter elves were slightly jealous by his preference for her.

“Alright, off we go.”   Frank went first, followed by Alice, Neville, Harry and lastly Sirius, while Dobby just popped over to the platform.  Harry braced himself as he stepped out of the floo.  With all the attention he had garnered from defeating Voldemort, to making sure he was never resurrected, his dad had been very forthcoming with the Ministry and the papers on those counts, so no-one could discredit him, Harry hated going out in public too much.  People still stared and trying to touch him all the time, it was another reason Dobby was with him at all times.

Neville and Harry were best friends, they had grown up together and rarely saw other kids, that were not a part of their parent’s social circle.  It was only at functions they had to attend that they socialised with the other magical children, and it was just after Frank and Sirius had cleaned up the Ministry quite thoroughly.  Even the Department of Mysteries had been gutted, refilled and put firmly under the jurisdiction of the Minister for Magic, Amelia Bones.

The usual quiet descended on the platform when people started to notice Harry.  He saw a few people he recognised, such as the Weasley’s, it was hard to miss all that red hair and Susan Bones with her constant companion Hannah Abbot.  He waved back at the girls and smiled when they waved at him, before turning into his dad for a bit of a respite.  People tended to leave him alone when he was with the famous Sirius Black, eradicator of the Death Eaters.  Even Lucius Malfoy had only been given a reprieve by giving over all the information he had on unmarked Death Eaters and any plans Sirius was not privy too.

He needn’t worry about Lucius now, he was powerless, since Sirius was Lord Black, Lucius’ superior in every way.  He had no seat on the Wizengamot, and no pull within the Ministry itself.  Narcissa held all the power now, and she revelled in it, which indeed turned Draco into a totally different person.  One that Neville and Harry socialised with the most at his mother’s request.  They were family after all.

Sirius hugged Harry to him tightly and press a kiss to the top of his messy hair.  It had tamed some, since the blood adoption, but it still carried a bit of the Potter messiness.  Harry James Sirius Potter-Black, Harry had insisted on adding his dad’s name with his birth fathers name.  He had told Sirius it was only fair since he did all the hard work.  Sirius had laughed and said, ‘I didn’t have to put up with your mother.’  But Sirius could never resist little Harry and his puppy dog eyes.

“Don’t worry, Son, Neville will be with you and Dobby, even if you can’t see him, will be with you at all times.

“I know daddy,” Sirius’ eyebrows rose slightly at the name.  Harry only used when he was feeling stressed or unsure, “I’m just gonna miss home and the elves and just being able to relax and not worry about…you know, people,” he said as he stepped back and waved his hands around.  Sirius pulled him into another hug and chuckled softly at the look on his face.

“It will be fine, you know it will be, and I will be there all the time.  I opened the house in Hogsmeade so I can be close, and will be up at the school for meetings with Minerva into the running of the school on your behalf.”  He heard Harry’s wince and couldn’t help but smile.  It had come as a major shock when they had found out he owned the school and the surrounding grounds, including the Forbidden Forest, which was now called the Magical Forest after the massive clean up, and Hogsmeade. Between his mother’s and father’s estates, and the Wills Gringotts had uncovered hidden away, Harry had been left a lot of things.

“Come on Harry, let’s get on the train,” Neville said.  Harry squeezed his dad one last time and sighed before he let go, he traded places with Neville, and hugged Frank and Alice goodbye, while a Neville was squashed by Sirius, who released him with a hair ruffle.  With one last look at their family, Neville and Harry turned and made for the train, boarding it, before the platform got too full.

The Gryffindor carriage was at the front of the train, Harry used his Heir ring to open the door, and both boys gaped at the opulence of the space.  Train rides were going to be awesome.  The got comfy and settled in for the long journey to Hogwarts.  The only interruption was Draco, who knew where to find the boys and joined them for the trip.



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Love to read, dabble in writing. Harry Potter is my favourite fanfiction. Love a good crossover with HP in most other genres, especially Twilight and Supernatural. Also a good True Blood HP crossover with a Godric/Harry Pairing.
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  1. azurehart says:

    Wow. This is lovely and I would love to read more when it is written.


  2. Karen Moonstar says:

    This is so great! Thank you for sharing. Hope I get to read more in the future.


  3. Dawn says:

    Love it! Would love more!!!!


  4. Tchrbunny says:

    Love it!!!


  5. iadorespike says:

    Oh my Thor! This is awesome and I need more of it immediately! Or, you know, as soon as it pleases you. 😉 Seriously, I would read the heck out of this story – Dobby masterminding a plan to save Harry involving time travel and borrowed magic…this is seriously made of win! I’m hooked.

    Thanks so much!


    • gypsysue says:

      You are welcome and thanks for reading. I have a fuller but WIP Dobby fic on my fanfic and AO3 page, called Dobby to the Rescue, if you like. I am thinking about adding my other stuff here. I am still trying to figure out how this page works lol. Again thanks for reading. 😀


  6. chrisking2005 says:

    Wow! This is amazing! I adore house elf fic, and Dobby saving the day is fucking awesome.


  7. mdela10 says:

    Great start to the story can’t wait for more


  8. camcampgirl says:

    I absolutely love a smart Dobby. Canon made Dobby a little crazy, but I always thought he got short-changed. This rocks, and even though I am just finding it 2 years after posting, your genius is happily acknowledged. Off to read chapter 2 which I saw just before opening this link. Thanks for writing!


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