Lily’s Plan B

Title: Lily’s Plan B
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter/ Twilight
Pairing:  Lily/ James  Rosalie/Emmett  Alice/Jasper  Esme/Carlisle  more to come.
Rating: M  
Warnings: Control through spells, magic tampering, Bad Dumbledore.
Summary: Lily, not trusting Dumbledore decides to make her own plans. Alice brings the Cullens along for the ride.

I do not own Harry Potter or Twilight, they belong to SM and JKR.  This is completely AU like all my fics.  Not Edited.

Chapter 1 & 2

Lily stood over her parent’s graves, her hand gently rubbing her stomach to soothe the nausea brewing inside her.  “There is a prophecy, it talks about a boy born as the seventh month dies.  Mum, dad, our child is due then.” She wiped her eyes and looked up at the sky to gather her thoughts.  “James, he so wants a son, an heir to take over the Potter legacy.  All he can talk about it his son, becoming Lord Potter, unlike him.   He was devastated when he realised he would be unable to take on the title, due to the war.  He doesn’t want anyone to know the whole of the family fortune and power.  Their family has always kept a part of their legacy hidden from view, working undercover to keep their secrets.  When James found out, he was staggered at the effort involved in keeping their power hidden. I told him he should claim the title and use it to protect our baby, but Dumbledore…..I don’t know what that man is thinking.”  She pulled her wand and conjured a seat, secure in the wards she had placed for privacy.  “If our child is a boy, if he is the prophecised one, I want him to have all that power behind him. I dug through the family vault, gaining all the information I could, to find anything to keep my baby safe.  Part of me prays for a girl so that it wouldn’t be my baby, but then I remember that Alice is pregnant too and due around the same time.  Would it be so selfish of me to wish it was her and not me, carrying the saviour?”  Lily sighed, and absent-mindedly conjured flowers for her parent’s graves.  “I wish you were here to guide me, I miss you so much.”  She shook her head as if to clear a bad thought, “I have to do something, I need to keep him safe.   A part of me, the part that I don’t want to acknowledge, knows that I am having a boy, my little Harry, and it terrifies me.  I don’t think James and I are going to survive this and I have a feeling that Dumbledore is not going to do what we need him too.  He seems too interested in both Alice’s and my child.  Oh mum, what do I do, I don’t want to even contemplate my little defenceless baby in the hands of Petunia and that whale she calls a husband.”  Lily didn’t know where all these thoughts and fears were coming from, but she felt better, like she always did, babbling her fears to her mother.  She stood and vanished the chair before disabling the wards.  “I will come back next week if I can get past the guards.”  She breathed out in annoyance at the thought of returning to Godric Hollow, it took her a week to figure out how to get past the defences that old court put up.  “I love you both so much.”  Lily placed her hand on the headstone of each parent before turning to leave.

She was brought up short by, what she recognised as a vampire, standing before her, a quizzical look adorning his otherworldly face.  But something was off with this one, its eyes were red, unlike the vampires in the wizarding world, and his body was giving off sparkles ever time the sun glanced over his skin.   “Well, that’s a first, a sparkling vampire.”  She realised she had spoken out loud a little too late as the vampire snarled and lunged at her.  Lily’s wand snapped into her hand with a flick of her wrist, and a shield popped up in front of her, cause the vampire to crash into it with a loud echoing sound like thunder, and bounce backwards, taking out quite a few headstones with it.  She was just about to cast a quick incendio at the thing, to end it when a blur of movements stopped her.

Alice was edgy, and it was putting the whole house on edge, especially Jasper.  She paced around the house, her eyes jumping between clear and cloudy as the visions tried to solidify.  It was driving her mad, like trying to reach for something, and just not having long enough arms, while you are unable to move closer.  She sighed as she turned and then stopped still, the vision racing through her mind.  Red hair and vivid green eyes, a snap of electricity, red eyes, the woman knowing about vampires, a strange bubble-like shield popping in front of her, stick in one hand, the other resting protectively over her stomach.  The vision span out, Rosalie’s smiling face, as she sat with the woman, rubbing her hand over the enlarged stomach.  Emmett standing behind her smiling with pink hair.

“Alice?”  Edwards’ voice broke her from the vision, but she knew where she had to be, and took off for the church graveyard in the next town over.  Her family rushed after her, worry pouring off of them as the followed.  It was unlike Alice not to explain.

Chapter 2

The incendeo left Lily’s wand quickly, as she realised she would need to get rid of this one before the other one distracted her too much.  She studies the little one standing off to the side, while watching the ashes of the one she just dispatched, blow away in the wind, from the corner of her eye.  This one had golden eyes instead of red, but her skin still through off rainbows as the sun hit it.  Lily shook her head to clear it, sparkling vampires, what next, pink werewolves.  She chuckled at the thought of Remus being pink.  She was pulled out of her thoughts by the vampire, and nearly kicked herself for getting distracted, her hand rubbing protectively over her baby.

“Lily?  Lily Potter?” the sound of her tinkling voice was so startling it took a moment for Lily to realise the vampire knew her name.

“Who sent you? I won’t allow you to hurt my baby.”  Lily snarled as a shield formed around her, her wand raised at the ready.

The little vampire moved towards her, hands raised in the air, not that, that matter with a vampire.  Lily was well aware of the dangers.  Her heart started to beat loudly in her chest at the sight of more vampires swarming behind the little one.  She knew she would not be able to take them all before at least one got a lucky shot, she was too big to move as fast as she needed too.  She grabbed her brooch and pushed the hidden button on it, sending out a panicked call to her husband and Sirius.  Seconds later their pops echoed around the graveyard as the portkey brought them straight to her position.  She had never been more grateful that Dumbledore only targeted her with the prison wards on the house.  She knew it was because James and Sirius would get suspicious if James couldn’t leave and they thought Dumbledore was just protecting her.  She wondered, often, if he had bewitched them both.

James went straight for Lily while surveying the area, while Sirius went straight on the defensive, standing in front of his two best friends. “Who are your friends Lils?” Sirius asked as he raised his wand, his smiled slightly strained on his face, though Lily knew it was only his worry showing through.

“I don’t know, they just showed up, after I killed the other one.”  She turned to her husband, “James, the one I killed had red eyes, and they all seem to sparkle in the sun. Have you ever seen that before?”

“There were rumours, about vampires in Italy, The Volturi, that had red eyes and sparkled in the sun, they made an attempt to attack the Wizarding World, once.  They were sent back to Italy and told never to step foot in our world again.  It is said they have powers, some of them, but this was before my time.”  James turned to the vampires standing there, looking curiously, except for the little one, that seemed to be smiling at them.  “Are you from the Volturi?”

“Oh no,” the little one said, “My name is Alice, Alice Cullen, and this is my family, Jasper, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle and Esme.  I have visions you see, and I saw Lily here, pregnant and alone being attacked, so I came to help.  We are going to be as close as family after all.”

Sirius barked out a sharp laugh, “family, really?” He shook his head as he turned slightly, his eyes still on the vampire ‘family’ and shared a look with James.

“We have learnt never to bet against Alice,” the large one, Emmett, said.  His smile matched Sirius and Lily had a horrible feeling in the pit of her stomach that he was very close to Sirius in personality and if they were to be friends it would end badly for all those around them.

Edward laughed abruptly and smiled when the others turned to him, “she is worried about Emmett and Sirius becoming friends, thinks they are too alike.  I believe she is right.”

“You can read minds?” James asked, with a start.  That could be a handy tool.

“Yes, and yes it is handy.”  Edward said, “but what is Occlumency?”  Both James and Sirius startled at that.

“It is the ability to block one’s thoughts from being read by other magical through Legilimency,” Sirius answered while James was calculating the uses for this new ability and didn’t the little one, Alice, said she could see the future.

“The future is subjective, Alice can only see the course you are until at the moment, with different decisions, the future shifts and changes.”

“Ok,” James laughed, “that can be both useful and annoying.”

“Tell me about it,” Emmett muttered, “try wrestling with him.”  During this time, Rosalie was staring at Lily, mesmerised by the sight of her rubbing her pregnant belly.  The longing she kept well buried, shooting to the surface and hitting her like a freight train.  A baby, a beautiful baby.

“The baby is in danger,” Alice spoke up, interrupting everyone.  Her eyes shifted, and Jasper was by her in seconds as Alice swayed, “two sides wish, one wants to kill him, another wants to use him.  You are in danger from both sides, they both what you all out of the way.  Both seek to control, both seek power.”  Her voice broke off before she suddenly turned to Lily.

“The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not… and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives… the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…”  

Alice sag slightly, “that was new,” she whispered, but everyone heard her.  She turned into Jasper for support as Sirius, James and Lily baulked at her.  “We need to move, we need to get somewhere safe, we need to move now!”  She said as she looked pleadingly at the trio of Magicals.  “I know you have no reason to trust us, I know that none of this makes sense, but, please, for the sake of Harry…”  she broke off and gave a guilty smile, “sorry.”

“James,” Sirius said, while Lily wrapped both hands protectively around her belly, “a son, James, a little boy.”  Sirius’ voice was worshipful as he grabbed hold of James’ shoulder and stared at Lily’s stomach.

“I am so sorry, but really we have to leave, it will only be a matter of time before they find out you are missing,”  she gave Lily a look, “the guards, James and Sirius, you didn’t tell them.  Lily, he will be looking for you soon, we have less than an hour to grab what you need and hide, tell no-one but the wolf.  Please, trust me, you must hurry.”

Lily was startled, she had miss Remus dearly, but they had kept him away, convinced he was a traitor, but she was sure it was the Rat.  She looked at James and saw the pain flash across his face.

James had no idea what to think, because if this vampire was right, then he and Sirius had put their safety into the hands of a traitor.  “Sirius,” the emotion in his voice caused his friend to grip his shoulder tightly.  “Lily?”

“I don’t know why James, but something inside of me is telling me to trust them.  I never told you, I tried to tell you…”Lily felt her breath leave her and double over, James grabbed her and pulled her close.

“Lily, stop, don’t talk, don’t even think about it,”  Alice’s concerned voice broke through.  Lily and Edward pulled in quick breaths at the same time for different reasons.

“He cursed her, she had no idea, but he cursed her.  What kind of man curses a pregnant woman.”  Edward was disgusted.  “Dumbledore,”  Edward answered James’ thoughts, “he cursed her not to tell anyone if she found the spells he had place to keep her from leaving Godric Hollow.”

“Right,” James said as he tried to breath through his anger and disgust, why did he trust the man so much, and why was he keeping his family at Godric Hollow, when Potter Castle was so much safer.  He decided then and there what he needed to do.  “I have to go to Gringotts,” he gave Lily a nod, and she sucked in a breath, and she smiled at him encouragingly.  “Sirius, you stay with Lily, keep her safe at all costs…”

“Jasper, you and Emmett go with James,”  Alice said.  Jasper looked at her incredulously, but she just smiled at him, “you haven’t noticed, have you?”  He looked at her puzzled, “take a deep breath.”  Jasper’s eyes widened but he trusted Alice above all others, so he did as she asked.  The rice sent of blood filled his nostrils, and he felt Edward and Emmett grab hold of him, but he felt nothing, there was no hungry, no frenzy.

Edward stepped back, his eyebrows creased together,” he has no reaction to your blood.” It was then that Sirius remember the cut on his hand, he had been about to heal it when they had gotten the distress call from Lily.

“Jasper and Emmett will keep you protected, while you do what you have to do, and the rest of us will help Lily get what she needs and wait for you and Potter Castle.”

“How did you…no never mind.  Sirius,”  he grabbed his best friends shoulders and squeezed tightly, “do whatever is necessary to keep them safe, promise me.”

“I promise.  I would die before I would let Lily and Harry be harmed, James.”  They embraced, and then he turned to his wife.

“Are you sure, are you completely, one hundred percent sure, we should trust them Lils.”

She places her hands on her belly again, rubbing gently and smiling slightly, “yes, James, I think this is the right thing to do. I’m scared, James, terrified for our baby,” she glanced at Alice, “our Harry, and protecting him is the only thing I can focus on.”

“That’s good enough for me,” he said as he pulled her close and kissed her forehead.  He smiled slightly, as he pulled back and Edward had to turn away to stop from laughing at James thoughts.  Before anyone could say anything, he moved and grabbed hold of Jasper and Emmett.  “Bye,” he shouted through and laugh and apparated away with the two vampires, leaving Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle in shock and Edward and Alice laughing loudly.


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