Lily’s Plan B

Title: Lily’s Plan B
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter/ Twilight
Pairing:  Lily/ James  Rosalie/Emmett  Alice/Jasper  Esme/Carlisle  more to come.
Rating: M  
Warnings: Control through spells, magic tampering, Bad Dumbledore.
Summary: Lily, not trusting Dumbledore decides to make her on plans. Alice brings the Cullens along for the ride.

I do not own Harry Potter or Twilight, they belong to SM and JKR.  This is completely AU like all my fics.  Not Edited.

Chapter 1

Lily stood over her parents graves, her hand gently rubbing her stomach to sooth the nausea brewing inside her.  “There is a prophecy, it talks about a boy born as the seventh month dies.  Mum, dad, our child is due then.” She wiped her eyes, and looked up at the sky to gather her thoughts.  “James, he so wants a son, an heir to take over the Potter legacy.  All he can talk about it his son, becoming Lord Potter, unlike him.   He was devastated when he realised he would be unable to take on the title, due to the war.  He doesn’t want anyone to know the whole of the family fortune and power.  Their family has always kept a part of their legacy hidden from view, working undercover to keep their secrets.  When James found out, he was staggered at the effort involved in keeping their power hidden. I told him he should claim the title and use it to protect our baby, but Dumbledore…..I don’t know what that man is thinking.”  She pulled her wand and conjured a seat, secure in the wards she had placed for privacy.  “If our child is a boy, if he is the prophecised one, I want him to have all that power behind him. I dug through the family vault, gaining all the information I could, to find anything to keep my baby safe.  Part of me prays for a girl, so that it wouldn’t be my baby, but then I remember that Alice is pregnant too and due around the same time.  Would it be so selfish of me to wish it was her and not me, carrying the saviour?”  Lily sighed, and absent-mindedly conjured flowers for her parents graves.  “I wish you were here to guide me, I miss you so much.”  She shook her head as if to clear a bad thought, “I have to do something, I need to keep him safe.   A part of me, the part that I don’t want to acknowledge, knows that I am having a boy, my little Harry, and it terrifies me.  I don’t think James and I are going to survive this and I have a feeling that Dumbledore is not going to do what we need him too.  He seems too interested in both Alice’s and my child.  Oh mum, what do I do, I don’t want to even contemplate my little defenceless baby in the hands of Petunia and that whale she calls a husband.”  Lily didn’t know where all these thoughts and fears were coming from, but she felt better, like she always did, babbling her fears to her mother.  She stood and vanished the chair before disabling the wards.  “I will come back next week, if I can get past the guards.”  She breathed out in annoyance at the thought of returning to Godric Hollow, it took her a week to figure out how to get past the defences that old cout put up.  “I love you both so much.”  Lily placed her hand on the head stone of each parent before turning to leave.

She was brought up short by, what she recognised as a vampire, standing before her, a quizzical look adorning his otherworldly face.  But something was off with this one, it’s eyes were red, unlike the vampires in the wizarding word, and his body was giving off sparkles ever time the sun glanced over his skin.   “Well, that’s a first, a sparkling vampire.”  She realised she had spoken out loud a little too late as the vampire snarled and lunged at her.  Lily’s wand snapped into her hand with a flick of her wrist and a shield popped up in front of her, cause the vampire to crash into it with a loud echoing sound like thunder, and bounce backward, taking out quiet a few headstones with it.  She was just about to cast a quick incendio at the thing, to end it, when a blur of movements stopped her.

Alice was edgy, and it was putting the whole house of edge, especially Jasper.  She paced around the house, her eyes jumping between clear and cloudy as the visions tried to solidify.  It was driving her mad, like trying to reach for something, and just not having long enough arms, while you are unable to move closer.  She sighed as she turned and then stopped still, the vision racing through her mind.  Red hair and vivid green eyes, a snap of electricity, red eyes, the woman knowing about vampires, a strange bubble like shield popping in front of her, stick in one hand, the other resting protectively over her stomach.  The visison span out, Rosalie’s smiling face, as she sat with the woman, rubbing her hand over the enlarged stomach.  Emmett standing behind her smiling with pink hair.

“Alice?”  Edwards voice broke her from the vision, but she knew where she had to be, and took off for the church grave yard in the next town over.  Her family rushed after her, worry pouring off of them as the followed.  It was unlike Alice not to explain.


About gypsysue

Love to read, dabble in writing. Harry Potter is my favourite fanfiction. Love a good crossover with HP in most other genres, especially Twilight and Supernatural. Also a good True Blood HP crossover with a Godric/Harry Pairing.
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