Fixing Past Mistakes

Title: Fixing Past Mistakes
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: M  
Warnings: Character death.  Time travel, Good Malfoy’s
Summary: When he dies, Lucius is confronted by Lily and given a second chance to redeem himself and his family.

This is a sneak peek at something else I am working on, which also made me want to rewrite STA.  It seems I’m all about redeeming Lucius these days lol.

Not Beta’ed, I own nothing.

The world seemed to blur for a moment and time suddenly ceased to exist.   Lucius frowned as he struggled to get to his feet.  The dizziness caused him to shudder as he used a nearby pillar to ease himself up.  The last thing he remembered was seeing the Dark Lord fall, then pain radiated through his body and he only had moments to realised the Dark Mark was killing him, before he found himself in this place.  He never expected to be welcomed in to Paradise, after all the atrocities he had committed in the name of a madman, so he was unsure about where he was.

Looking around, he was amazed to see he was on the grounds of Malfoy Manor, but everything with a blinding white, from the pillar he was leaning against, to the bench beside it and the lake he would spend time watching Draco play.  Draco, the thought of his only child caused his heart to pang.  He had been a terrible father, he had turned his precious son it to a spoilt child.  He loved the boy with all his soul, and wished he could have been different, found a way to become the man he had always wanted his own father to be.

Narcissa, his beautiful wife, she had tried so hard to support him, but he knew she had given up in the end, choosing her son’s survival over his, and he could not blame her for it. Hell, if he were any kind of father, he should have done the same. He could just imagine her face as she had to hold on to their precious child as he crossed over.  He sat down on the bench and lowered his head into his hands, weeping for the loss of all he once had.  For the mistakes he had made, the choices, following a madman, had cost him the most precious things he had.  His family.

“Lucius,” a voice as soft as an Angels called out to him, causing him to jump slightly in his seat.  He turned and almost recoiled at the sight before him.  Lily Potter was standing there, elegant and beautiful, staring at him intently.  He could not read the look in her eyes, but his heart stilled as she walked towards him, “we have much to discuss if we wish to help our boys.”


Lucius hugged the little boy in his arms close to his chest, trying to comfort him as much as possible.  He had gathered as much as he could from the ruins of the house, leaving a bound and stunned Pettigrew on the floor, next to a dead James Potter, the Dark Mark clearly visible on the man’s arm.  He had also destroyed Tom Riddle’s wand and left the ashes next to the empty robes.  He knew he did not have long before Black would show up, and it was only his promise to Lily that made him acted.  He drew his wand, his Patronus bursting forth, with a quick message, his wolf was on its way and so was he.  He had much to do, and very little time to achieve their goals.

Narcissa was waiting for him as he enter the Manor grounds, Harry Potter tucked securely to his chest.  It had been a long, exhausting night, and he had never been so glad to be home.  His wife took Harry from him, and studied the little boy, Lucius watched carefully as she ran her hand over the now fading scar on his head.  She leant down and kissed him delicately on the same spot and cuddle him close, “you did well Lucius,” she beamed a smile at him and reached up to kiss his cheek before turning and taking Harry away to Draco’s nursery, where they had already set up his things.

“Dobby,” he called out as he made his way to the study.  In the two weeks he had been back in this time he had yet to speak to the elf, and now after everything he had learned, he knew he could not put it off any further.  His mind was running a mile a minute with all he had to get down, and he needed a stiff drink.  He could hear the elf scurry behind him, trying very hard to keep quiet, and he sighed to himself.  What had Lily called him, oh yes, he really was an asshat.  Her verbal lashing of him was still ringing in his ears.  He had to think, after all this time, that it was going to a constant buzzing in the background of his mind for the rest of his life.

He sat down behind his desk, after pouring himself a scotch and took a hefty swig, before setting it down and turning his attention to Dobby, who was standing patiently by the desk waiting for orders.  “Dobby, as you may of may not have discovered over the course of the last few weeks, many things have changed in the Malfoy house.  He watched carefully as Dobby ran his hands over his new uniform, Narcissa had replaced them all the second she had discovered what Lucius had been through, and she had also send out the order that punishments where now banned.

“Dobby be noticing,” the elf said, still a little subdued around the elder Malfoy and Lucius could not blame the elf at all.

“The Potters were murdered last night, and I have been tasked with keeping Harry Potter safe and to raise him as a happy child above all else, as well as making sure he knows his place in this world.  As such, and for all your good work for the Malfoy family, I have decided, if you would like, to make you Harry Potter’s personal elf.”  Lucius had to stop as the elf got more animated that he had ever seen him.  Dobby could barely contain himself, and Lucius could not help but smile a little at the sight, Lily certainly knew her stuff.

“Dobby would be most happy to be serving the great Harry Potter sir, Master had giving Dobby the greatest of gifts, sir.”  The elf was positively beaming at him.

“Well, if you do a good job, when Harry is old enough, he may want to take over your bond, so you will become a Potter elf, would you like that?”  Dobby was nodding his head frantically, so overwhelmed he could not speak, “very well then, I will make sure the bond is transferred as soon as he is old enough.”  Lucius replied though, he was thinking, with everything he had seen so far, that Harry would probably break the bonds and rebond the elf to himself by accident.  “You may go,” no sooner had the words left his mouth the elf popped away, no doubt going to Harry.

“Lucius?”  Narcissa entered the room and took a seat across from him, “did you manage to obtain custody of Harry?” His wife had not had the reaction he had been expecting, when he talk to her about everything that had occurred in the past.  She had sighed, shaken her head and murmured, “you always did make lousy decisions, I should have been stronger and pushed you in the other direction.”

“Of course, the Goblins handled everything, the Potter will was executed on the spot, Dumbledore did not have time to block it’s reading.  He was still, apparently waiting at Hogwarts for Hagrid to bring him the boy.  By the time he had figured out something was wrong, the will was read, and Harry was given to my care, with Sirius being given Godfather rights.”

“I am still amazed that Lily listened to you at all.”

“Yes, well, it took a bit of convincing,” Lucius rubbed his side absentmindedly as he remember exactly what Lily Potter had done when she had seen him. He didn’t know who was more vicious, a dead Lily or an alive one, they had both left their marks on him.  He could only thank Merlin himself that the dead Lily had given him the words he needed to get her to listen. After that, the rest had been very easy, she had even helped him with what he had needed to removed his dark mark, though she had made him promise to get rid of Severus’ too.  The only down side had been his inability to save Lily, and to some degree, James.  But she had been adamant that things had to progress they way they did until the time that Harry was to be taken.

His wife laughed as she watch him rubbing his side, “you have to admit, Lucius, you did deserve far more that she dished out.”  He could only nod in agreement. “Will Dumbledore be much of a problem for us?”  He knew his wife was worried about the Chief Warlock.

“He won’t be much of an issues soon, the Goblins are already releasing the information Lily had in her vault.  Sneaky as any Slytherin that one, I must say, not even her husband knew about that vault.”  She had been very grateful to have been able to amend her Will, so everything had fallen into place nicely.

“With the way James was in Dumbledore’s pocket, I’m not surprised,” Narcissa said, “Jinxy.”

“What can Jinxy be getting Mistress?”

“Tea please, I could use a cup, the boys should be up soon.”  Lucius glanced at his watch and was surprised by the time, it was almost seven.

He had gotten so much done in a very short amount of time.  Goblins, he had never thought about relying on them before, and he probably wouldn’t have thought about it now, if Lily had not insisted.  Clever creatures, Goblins.

He was exhausted, but there was no time for rest just yet, he had a few more things to attend to.  “Jinxy,” the little elf popped in and quivered slightly.  Lucius couldn’t blame them for the reactions they couldn’t quite hide yet, he was afterall a terrible Master in the past and it would probably take the elves a while before they realised that he had really changed his ways.  Death was very good for giving one perspective. “I could really use a Pepperup Potion,” he tacked on the “please,” and was happy with the small smile that followed the request.  It was a start but he had a long way to go, and Merlin knew he would do everything in his power to treat, who he had perceived as lesser creatures, with much more respect.  Lily had been adamant after all, and he was a smart enough man to never upset the woman again, even in death.  He was just grateful that the wounds she had given him in death had not come back with him, though they did twinge every now and then, if his thought process was not on par with where it should be.  That, on top of the ones he had received by Lily when he had come back, well, in his mind, Lily was perfect and her word law, from now on.

Lucius downed the potion as soon as Jinxy had return with it, and then gone to his hidden stash of Dark Arts paraphernalia, pulling out the diary, and shuddered in disgust as his hand touch it.  He could not believe he had followed a man that had split his soul so many times.  He wrapped it in a special cloth the Goblins had provided and called for the Gringotts elf to take the thing to Ragnok.  They had set this up after the Goblins had pulled the Horcrux out of little Harry, and Lucius had then given them all the details and exact locations of all the Horcrux’ so that they could be destroyed.

They had discovered that the spell in the Dark Mark to kill his followers should he fall, had been added after his resurrection, as a punishment for them not helping him sooner. It had been good and bad news, good because he could save some of his fellow Death Eaters who could be rehabilitated, but bad because they would still have to face off with Voldemort’s most loyal, which included Bellatrix LeStrange.

The little elf popped into place, took the package Lucius handed it and popped away, without a word. It caused Lucius to chuckle slightly, the elf seemed to be as standoffish as the Goblins, and he marvelled at how they had accomplished that.  To be honest he had been amazed that they had had elves in there service to begin with, he had no idea that Goblins had a special way to hire the elves to work for them.  Though he had to admit that he had never given those he had deemed beneath him any time or thought in the past.  He had discovered how idiotic it had been of him, thanks to the time he spend with Lily.


It was three days later when they received the letter he had been waiting for.  Harry was settling in well, though he did cling to Draco, which was to be expected, he missed his mother and father terribly.  Narcissa was doing an wonderful job in assimilating the little boy into the same routine as Draco, and it was working out rather well.  The accidental magic Harry set off, was expected, both Lily’s, had gone into great detail about his magic and what could happen in the future.  They were hopeful, though, that the soulbond between Harry and Draco would ease some of his suffering, and they had been right to a degree.  He was also greatful for the pendant that Lily had made, infused with her magic.  Harry was too young to wear it yet, but it hung over his crib, helping him sleep at night.

He turned the letter around in his hands, it had already been put through all the necessary tests, thanks to the elves, he had at least six on mail duty since Harry moved in, and the mail wards were lifted from him.  The amount of mail he received daily was outlandish, but he had set up time to read through it and send out the appropriate responses.

“Is that?” his wife asked as she shifted her eyes from Harry to him.  They were enjoying lunch, when the elf had put the mail in front of him, they knew to separate Harry’s mail and leave that in his office for him to go through every evening.

“Yes, it is from Sirius Black,” Lucius noticed Harry perk up at the name.

“Pafoo?” he asked, his face held a hopeful look.

“Yes Harry, Padfoot,” he smiled at the boy, “shall we see what he has to say?”  The beaming smile on Harry’s face was the first he had seen in days.  There were small smiles here and there but this was new.  Draco seemed to react to Harry’s mood and smiled reaching out the grab hold of his hand.

Lucius skimmed through the letter and then decided he could only paraphrase since some of the language in it was not appropriate for little ears. “He says that he misses you very much Harry, and would like very much to come and see you as soon as he can.”  He looked at Harry when he heard clapping and smiled, “I shall set up a meeting for today then, shall I?”  Harry nodded emphatically along with Draco, who was cheered up by Harry’s mood.  “Very well then, how about we finish eating, and then while you two get ready, I will go and meet with Sirius and bring him back here for a visit.”

“Tank tou Lucios,” Harry murmured and smiled shyly at him.  Harry, of course, remembered Lucius, since he had spent time with him during his time with Lily, so the boy would feel safe when he was to be in his care.  It had all be carefully planned out, and it had worked out rather well.  Of course Lily had brought them over to the Manor, so Draco and Narcissa were involved, and also to keep it from James and Dumbledore.

“You are very welcome young man,” he replied causing Harry to giggle softly.

He left quickly after lunch to meet Sirius at the bank, as soon as possible, the ‘I will be waiting’, in the letter let him know that he should get there as soon as he could to ease the Black temper.  As he entered the bank, he patted his pocket, which held the letter for Sirius from Lily, sealed with her magic, to give him some comfort.  This was going to be rather difficult, but he was very much looking forward to seeing the look on Blacks face.

He was lead back to the Potter bank Managers office, by Griphook, as soon as he entered the bank.  He looked at the back of the Goblins head with a slight sneer, actually a little giddy he was allowed to hate this particular one.  He would even go so far as to call this Goblin a creature, knowing he could get away with it.  Lily despised Griphook and went into great detail as to why he was such a monster.

“Lord Black and Chief Ragnok are waiting for you,” the Goblin’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts of the many ways he would kill the little beast. Lucius just nodded his head and walked into the room.

“Malfoy, where is my Godson?” Black was in his face before he had even managed to close the door.

“Patients Black, at least let me take a seat, manners are important after all.  You wouldn’t want to pass on that bad temper to young Harry, now would you?”  Lucius took a seat and made a show of getting comfortable, much to Blacks irritation, it was only the slight ache he felt, that made him get to the point.  Lily was getting annoyed.

It was the one part of this he was most aggrieved about, and he had told her so, when she had ‘politely’ informed him that she may not be able to speak to him, but he will most certainly know if he displeases her in anyway.  He wondered if he would ever figure out how she achieved it.  He pulled the letter from his pocket with a well hidden grimace, and handed to letter to Black, “read this and then we will continue.”

Black took the letter, and Lucius could see the look of longing on his face when he realised who it was from, “Lily,” he whispered out and Lucius felt a pang of sorrow for the man.  He had not know, nor had anyone beyond the three of them and Lupin, that James, Lily and Sirius were a triad, and the lost of his partners would be almost unbearable.  This was why Lily had made demands about Black, and the look on the man’s face and he read the letter, was reason enough for Lucius to follow through, besides the pain he would suffer if he did not follow the fiery redheads instructions to the letter.

“Is this true?” Black asked him and then seem to shake himself, “of course it’s true, Lily would never lie.”  He sighed and sat back in his seat, seeming to be lost in thought.  He sat up quickly “Harry, he is okay right, I mean safe and all that?”

“Of course, he and Draco are bonding well, and he has taken a particular liking to Dobby the house elf, which has put Trixy out slightly, the two of them fight over who is Harry’s favorite.  Harry finds it quite amusing.”

“Trixy is okay?  What about the other elves, did they survive?”

“Yes, Lily and James ordered them all to stay at Potter Manor with instructions to wait to be called by either them of you.  Trixy seems to have found a way around that order, since Harry called her name the second night he was with us and has refused to leave.”

Sirius laughed and then sighed, “she always was a special elf, loves Harry almost as much as Lily, James and I do. What can you tell me?” Lily said something’s about,” he looked at Ragnok and raised an eyebrow at Lucius.

“Ragnok knows everything there is to know, Lily was very smart and knew we would need help away from the Ministry.  I have a fair amount of pull in the Ministry and the Goblins can achieve the things I can not.  Ragnok is responsible for pulling the Horcrux from Harry and is in charge of finding the rest.  He has been helping me organise tutors for down the track to help Harry with his Parselmagic, apparently Lily is to blame for that, not the curse from Voldermort.”  Sirius sucked in a sharp breath and released it slowly.  Lucius was sure that him calling the Dark Lord by that name more than anything else convinced Sirius that he was indeed done.  Lucius sighed and slowly lifted the sleeve of his left arm. “See no Dark Mark, Sirius, I am going to raise Harry, with your help, and he is going to be so well loved that when I cross over, Lily will be overjoyed at the good life her son had.  It is a new start for me, and for my family.  Draco, he will be,” Lucius stopped and tried to get himself under control.

Sirius stood and placed a hand on his shoulder, “I get it Lucius, Lily’s letter did inform me about a few things.  I did blood adopt Harry, just so you know, when he was  few days old, so technically I am his father.”

Lucius nodded his head, “yes Lily said as much, but she also said the boys should stay together. Draco and Harry, their bond is getting stronger day by day, and Lily and I both wished for them to be raised together.  I also don’t think it would be possible for anyone to separate Narcissa from her boys.”  He saw the slight tremor run through Black and couldn’t help smiling.  Narcissa had a lot in common with Lily, they were both vicious witches when crossed.

“Yes, yes that is a good idea. I was getting the accounts sorted out while I was waiting for you, I think we should open Potter Manor, and spent our time between both places, that way Harry can learn about the Potter history from the portraits.  It has taken this long just to get everything sorted at the Ministry so I could avoid Azkaban, damn that old coot.”

“Indeed, he has been kicking up quite the stink in his efforts to obtain Harry.  Once he figured out that custody was given to me and not you, we believe he would stop trying to put you in prison and try to get you working on his side. It seems to have worked out. For now, I think we should get you back to Malfoy Manor, Harry is very anxious to see his Padfoot.”  Both men grinned and finished up their business to go and see a certain green eyed boy.

To say Harry was overjoyed to see Sirius was an understatement, the little boy clung to him and refused to let go, much to Blacks delight.  It was only when Draco became annoyed and upset, that Harry let him go and went to the blond.

“I see,” Sirius said as he watched Harry sooth Draco, “the bond has settled very quickly.  That is great news.  Do we know if they will share gifts or not?”  Lucius startled at that, he had not thought about it, which he could just kick himself for.  Bonds as strong as these too often shared magic, and magical gifts.

“By the looks of it, I would say it would be a certainty that they would share their gifts.  Draco has a natural gift for warding and potions.  Harry, Lily said, is excellent at runes and defence, along with his Parselmagic.  I wonder if Draco will become a Parselmouth.”  Lucius smiled at the thought, imagine, his son, a Parselmouth.

“Yes, yes,” Sirius smirked, “a Malfoy Parselmouth, what a boon to your magical house.  Though, Harry is a part of your house too so either way.”

“Of course Harry is a part of our house, it would just be an added bonus to have two, and one of my own blood, well, imagine all the people we could convert with that fact alone.”

“Always thinking ahead, Lucius.”

“Well, yes, Lily was very adamant that I use my Slytherin skills properly this time.”  Lucius look a little annoyed as he admitted that to Sirius.

“She said as much in her letter, asking me to make sure of it,” Sirius laughed outright at the look of outrage on Lucius face.


The years passed quickly in the House of Malfoy. Lucius was exhausted and beyond happy with all that he had achieved.  Dumbledore had passed away when Harry was eight years old, after years of trying to maneuver his way around the law to get his hands on the boy.  It seemed strange that horrible things would befall the people that backed the old man, but it wasn’t until he decided to run for Minister for Magic that things took a turn.

Harry had just turned eight, when Dumbledore decided to run.  Lucius knew the only reason the old man was attempting it was to get Harry.  They had only just gotten the man booted out of Hogwarts the previous year, and it had taken everything he and Sirius had to achieve just that.  He knew that if the old man made Minister he would have to run.  They had been all ready to leave England for France, when Dumbledore unexpectedly die.  Lucius believe it had been Dobby who had offed the old man, but Sirius had put his money of the boys snakes.  Narcissa didn’t care, as long as her boys were safe, though she was seen exchanging knowing smiles with Trixie.  And boy did that elf still scare him a little.

Harry had been five the first time Lucius had seen Trixie’s love of Harry enforced.  They had introduced Neville to the boys shortly after Sirius and Lucius had shown up out of the blue and saved Alice and Frank from the Death Eaters, Sirius had blasted a hole through Bella’s head and then taken out Barty Jr.  while Lucius had dealt with the LeStrange boys.  Alice and Frank had to spend a few nights in hospital but recovered nicely.

Harry and Draco had been visiting Longbottom manor on a play date with Neville, while Sirius, Lucius and Narcissa caught up with Frank and Alice.  They heard a scream and then shouts and when they had entered into the children’s play area, to find Algernon Longbottom, looking entirely beaten and stuck to the wall, upside down.  Trixie was standing in front of him practically glowing, all the while berating the man on the proper way to handle children.

Sirius had taken one look at the man, and high fived the elf, while the women checked on the boys.  Harry was crying and clinging to Draco and Neville, who were both looking rather traumatised.

In the end  Algernon was taught to never even look at the children, and to this day still pisses himself a little everytime he sees an elf.


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  1. AlexiCyn says:

    Oh, DEAR!!! What did the old fool try to do to the boys?!?!? Was this his brilliant plan of toss Neville out a window to see if his magic would kick in? Whatever it was, he brought that shit on himself. If he’s stuck wearing magical Depends for the rest of his miserable life, so be it! 😛 I love second chance fics. Thank you for this! 🙂


  2. camcampgirl says:

    Lucius & Sirius working together – never would’ve seen that coming! Awesome!


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