Second Time Around – rewrite

Title: Second Time Around
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: M 
Warnings: Death of Main Characters, not permanent.  Talks of child abuse, only Physical and mental. Veela bonding.  Graphic violence.
Summary: Lucius and Severus come up with a plan to go back in time and save Harry and Draco.

Okay, so I have been re writing this.  It will be quite different, but with the same basic plot.  Unbeta’ed, like everything here.  This is a time travel re-do fic, with good Malfoys and Snape.

Like usual JK Rowling owns Harry Potter, I just play in her park.

Chapter 1

Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy stood over the body of their son, Draco. It took a few minutes, in their grief, for them to realise that he was not alone, wrapped in the protection of his wings, was Harry Potter.  Narcissa’s broken sobs were interceded with the words, ‘why,’ and ‘please Lucius, not our boy.’

From the looks of it, Lucius would say that Harry Potter had been dead for a week, while Draco had only just recently passed. It had taken that long to find them, and Lucius now realised the only reason they had was due to Draco’s death.

Harry Potter looked severely beaten like he had been tortured, and not just once. The scans Lucius ran showed he had been abused his whole life. He wondered why no-one put a stop to this travesty. Who was protecting The Boy Who Lived?

“We need to find out what has happened.  Do not worry Cissa, we will punish all those responsible for this.  My son will have his justice and so will Potter.” He held his wife as she sobbed. “Missy, Jilly,” he called as he tried to soothe Narcissa.

“Master calls?” Jilly asked while positioning herself in front of her sister Milly.  One never knew when Master would hand out his punishments after all, and Jilly protected her sister any way she could.

“Take Master Draco and Mr Potter to the Manor and get them ready for burial.”  Jilly turned to see the twos boys and just managed to keep in the sob that was threatening to burst out.  Master Draco had always been so kind, he had often hidden Missy for her so she could take her sister’s punishment and had healed Jilly afterwards when he was old enough to do so.

She popped away with the two boys and lovingly prepared them, all the while trying to contain her sorrow.

Lucius apparated with his wife, back to the Manor, and called a healer.  Once his wife was sedated, he went to his office to contact Severus, hoping he would know what had happened to Potter.

“What is so important, Lucius, I am in the middle of something myself.” Severus sneered at the thought of having to find the Potter brat.

“My son is dead, Severus, your Godson, I need to know, I must understand how this has happened.

“Draco,?” Severus’ legs gave out, and he dropped into the chair behind him, “how?”

“He went missing seven days ago…”

“Seven days? That’s when Potter went missing.”

“It seems that Potter was Draco’s mate, we found Draco, holding Harry Potter, with his wings wrapped around him.  Mr Potter had been beaten and stabbed, I need to know who would do such a thing, for they did not just kill Potter, they murdered my son.”  Lucius’ voice was soft and silky, which Severus knew meant only one thing, the person or people responsible would suffer, and he couldn’t agree more.  He may not like Potter, but he had promised he would keep the boy safe, for Lily.

“Potter was with his relatives, I had just found out that he was kept with Lily’s Muggle sister before you summoned me, I was just about to head over there to find out anything I could about the boy.  Dumbledore informed us the boy was missing, but he was not too worried, it was a house elf, one you might remember.” He raised an eyebrow at Lucius, “a Dobby, who told me where the boy was living, though he would not tell me anything else, though he did try, all he could say was, ‘I can not reveal Masters secrets,’ and popped away.”

“You must take me there, Severus, so we may find out all about Mr Potter’s past.”

It wasn’t long before the two were standing in front of number 4 Privet Drive, and Severus and Lucius began to run a diagnostic on the house to check for wards. “I’m going to kill him,” Severus said as he finished his scans.  “Did you see, behaviour wards, magical inhibitors, notice me not charms, the list goes on, and not even a measure of those so called blood wards that were supposed to be in his location to protect the boy. Dumbledore is a liar, and apparently a dark wizard by the look of some of these wards.”

“We will deal with him later, now, I wish to see what has happened here.” They entered the house and were horrified by what they found.  A large boy, about the age of Draco, was sitting in a pool of blood, holding on to the mangled body of was looked like a woman, while there were pieces of a rather large man spread all over the room. The boy was rocking back and forth muttering unintelligible things to himself, he was so lost in grief he did not even notice they were there.   Lucius cast a calming charm at the boy, and watch as he seemed to come back to himself.

“Here to kill me too,  are you?” he asked, “I figured we would pay eventually for how Harry was treated.”

Severus stunned to the boy and poured Veritaserum down his throat, on Lucius’ urging, and the questioning began.

“Do you know what happened here?” Lucius asked Severus decided to let him do the questioning unless he needed to know something specific.

“No, I arrived home to find them like this.”  Both men had a pretty good idea of what had happened, they could just imagine Draco going crazy after finding Harry dying.

“How was Harry treated in this house?”

“Badly.  Before Harry got his letter to the magic school, he lived in there,” they turned to see where the boy was pointing, and were astounded to see it was the cupboard under the stairs, while the boy continued, “dad beat him a lot, but Harry always seemed to heal up pretty quickly, which just made dad madder.  He was made to do all the chores and cooking but was very rarely given food.  Usually, it was just dry bread and cheese and a cup of water once a day or so.  When he received the letter, things got better and worse. He was moved to my second bedroom, where I stored my toys and given the bare minimum of furniture. More than the freak deserved, my dad always said. I was no better, I was rewarded for every bruise I put on him.  It wasn’t until Harry saved me from the dementy thingies that I realised my mistake, but it was too late.”

“Enough,” Severus said, let us do this the easy way.  He pointed his wand at the boy and shouted, “Legilimency,”  the memories flowed through his mind at rapid speed, and the more he saw, the sicker he felt.  Lily would never forgive any of them for this. “Merlin help us all,” Severus said as he ended the spell.  “Lucius, what they did to that boy,” Severus shook his head and sighed, he had added to an already suffering child’s torment, and he did not know if he could forgive himself.

Lucius reacted before Severus could even move, wand pointed at the boy, “Obliviate,” he shouted, and Severus watched as Lucius removed all memories of who the boy was and anything to do with his family and Harry.  He then stunned the boy and went to investigate the house.

They started with the cupboard under the stairs, and both drew back in shock at the stench of the place.  It had apparently been used recently if the smell and the blood were anything to go by.  No one said a word as they heading up the stairs to Harry’s room if one could call it that.  But they had to see it with their own eyes.

“I will meet you back at the Manor, Lucius, I will take this boy to the nearest Hospital, we can not leave him here like this.”  Lucius nodded and disapparated with a rather loud bang, leaving Severus to dropped the boy off and head for the Manor.

He arrived back at Malfoy manor to see Lucius, a feral gleam in his eye, shaking a rather scared but determined looking house elf, “are you sure?”  the blond asked.

“Jilly being sure, Master, Jilly be putting the books on your desk.”  The elf popped away as soon as she was released and Lucius ran to his office as if the Dark Lord was on his heels.

Severus raced after him, all decorum forgotten, and when he reached the man, behind his desk, reading, he demanded, “Lucius, what has gotten into you, we must bury your son,”

“That elf, Jilly.  Merlin if this works that elf will be elevated to Vassal of the House of Malfoy,” Lucius muttered as he started to take notes, completely forgetting Severus.

“Lucius?” Severus yelled to get a response out of his friends, “what is going on?”

“Time Travel, Severus.  It has been a myth that has been passed down through the Black family, though no one believed it to be true.  It was rumoured that the Blacks had a way to travel through time, to avenge wrongs done to their kin, but the spell had been lost for generations.  Everyone believed it was a myth, a story told to increase the power and legend of the Black family, but it’s true Severus.  The books are here, I had to use a vial of Narcissa’s blood to open them, for it only open to their own kin, but it says the books had been hidden away, to prevent them being used for dark purposes.”

“But the Blacks are a dark family,” Severus said.

“Apparently not, it seems that the Blacks did not start out as a dark family, there was very much grey in their magics.  A few dark wizards married into the family and raised their children in the ways of the dark arts.  The Black head of the house was mortified at the decline of his family and hid away all the special magics they had learned over the centuries.  The Lordship is said to only respond to certain family members and will violent repel anyone of a dark nature.”

“So what they say about Sirius Black II is true, he was the first Black since the, as the book says, dirtying of their blood by dark arts, that was allowed the ring, followed by his son Arcturus Black III.  That is probably why Sirius was made his Heir instead of his own son Orion.”  Lucius then looked up at Severus, his eyes shining in his excitement, “I have been given the book with the ritual for the time travel spell.  Severus, do you know what this means?”

“We can save the boys,” Severus breathed out, “are you sure it will work?”

“It says it has been completed successfully three times before the book was hidden away.  Besides what do we have to lose, Severus, my son, I have to make amends and to help Harry Potter.  He needs to be raised close to Draco, they must be able to bond early.  If we can achieve that, the Veela Council will step in and protect their bond and give us custody of the boy.  We can save them both.”

“What do we need?”

They spent the next few hours going over the ritual, making arrangements for what they needed to do when they got to the past to protect the boys as best they could.  Severus had made a few stealthy moves himself, managing to get a copy of Dumbledore’s memories, with the help of Dobby.  He was unsurprised by the revelation of the Horcrux’ and even less surprised that Dumbledore had left it to Harry to get them all, and set him up to die.  He was however totally shocked by the discovery of  Harry being a Horcrux himself, and added that to the research, before going back. They could not be sure of the exact time they would be landing in but knew it would be at a point that would be most helpful, so they needed a way to hide or remove the taint of the Dark Mark.  It was added to the ever expanding list.

It was four weeks later when they had everything ready. The boys had been buried, the world had gone into mourning, and Lucius and Severus had done everything they could think of to keep what they were doing hidden, which was difficult when the Dark Lord was waging war on a now downtrodden Wizarding world.  They had decided to keep it from Narcissa, she would not be able to deal with the memories of it if she knew.

At exactly midnight, a powerful display of lights and magic could be seen for miles around Stonehenge, as Severus and Lucius sent themselves back in time.

Lucius woke with a shuddering breath, his head pounding.  He tried desperately to get his bearings, sitting as still as possible and trying to get the ache in his head to recede so he could figure out exactly where he was.  He lay his head down on the desk in front of him, as he realised he was in his private office at Malfoy Manor.  He raised his head and looked around, bleary eyed, had it not worked?

“Jilly,” he called softly.  He didn’t look at the elf, his head pounding causing him to become nauseated.  “A pain potion please,”  since he was not looking, he did not see the look of shock cross the little elf’s face, as she popped away to get his Potion.

“Jilly get,” she said as she popped back in and handing him the potion, Lucius downed it quickly, and let out a sigh of relief as the pain ebbed away.  He finally looked around properly, and realised that he had succeeded, as his eyes fell on Jilly.

“What year is it Jilly,?” he asked, his excitement shining in his eyes.

“It be 1982 Master, January the 1st,” she answered, looking at him in concern.  She was worried, a please and now this, “is Master being okay?”

“Yes Jilly, I am perfectly fine, as soon as I do a few things I would like to have a talk with the elves, I will call you when I am ready.  And Jilly?”  he got up and went to the elf, and knelt down to be at eye level with her, “I know you won’t understand any of this, but I have to say it, thank you.  You have no idea how much I owe you, and I will be rewarding you for your kindness and loyalty.”

Jilly gave a little shudder and looked at her Master, her eyes blinking rapidly, she was speechless but happy for the first time in her service of her Master.  She gave a little nod and popped away when he released her.

Lucius pulled out his wand and cast a quick tempus, sighing as he saw it was rather late.  He remembered what he was like at this time, withdrawn and coming to terms the with Dark Lord’s downfall.  He had all but ignored his wife and son, and he felt something twist in his stomach.

He was just about to go check on his family when Severus popped out of the floo looking agitated and upset.  “What is it?”

“I tried to get Harry but was repelled by the wards.  We knew it was possible, I know, it’s just, the thought of leaving him there for a second longer than he needs to be.”

“I know Severus, I know.”  Lucius ran his hand through his hair, in a very un-Malfoy like manner, “we have much to prepare, let’s start with the Marks then you can grab Harry, remember to get all the necessary proof of neglect, and I will contact the Ministry.”

The rune work they had researched was carefully drawn over each of their marks, one by one, and once they were done, Lucius flicked his hand, pulling an orb out of his storage bracelet.

They had been an incredible find, and both Lucius and Severus had managed to bring a variety of things back with them, to aid their endeavour.

He set the orb on the table, and both of the men sat down, prepared for the pain that was about to erupt from them.  They knew it would be easier while Voldemort was nothing but a spirit, but they also knew it would be painful.  They both braced themselves as Lucius activated the orb and the Parcel spell filled the room.  The hissing increased in strength as the spell went on and the pain that radiator through their bodies forces a scream to be pulled from them both.  Black smoke rose out of their skin and seemed to fall to ashes as it fell to the floor.  For a few seconds, the screaming from the vapour seemed to out do their own screams, before all settled as the mark disappeared.

Both men were drowned in sweat and shaking rapidly.  Severus barely managed to reach for the Potions he had on the table, downing his own and waiting for it to take hold before he moved to help Lucius, who seemed more affected by the removal.  “Thank you, Severus,” he croaked after he swallowed the potions and sighed in relief.

“You are welcome.  But we do not have time to recover right now, we must get to the boy.”  Severus handing Lucius an extra strength pepper up potion and then both of them apperated to 4 Privet Drive.

Little Harry was barely conscious when they retrieved him from the cupboard under the stairs.  Severus had taken great pleasure in ‘restraining’ the Dursleys, while Lucius grabbed the boy and ran a diagnostic over him.   He was astounded at what these animals had been able to inflict on the body in such a short amount of time.  “Severus, do you have the potions?” he called out as he conjured a wet cloth to wipe down the boy’s sweaty face.  He also changed his diaper with a flick of his wand and cast a cooling charm on the fevered boy.

“What do you need?” Severus asked, kneeling beside Lucius, who had moved Harry out into the foyer.

“Fever reducer and a pain potion should hold us till we get to a healer.  He will need skele-gro, he has a few broken bones, and I will wait to heal the other gashes and bruises till the healer can document them.”  Severus nodded and handing over the Potions watching as Lucius dosed the boy.  “Let’s go,” he said once he had finished, not even looking at the Dursleys, they had more important things to get to. They would be dealt with once all the legal matters were settled.  He may even leave the punishment up to the Goblins.  Harry Potter was safe now, and they could now get on with Revenge.


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Love to read, dabble in writing. Harry Potter is my favourite fanfiction. Love a good crossover with HP in most other genres, especially Twilight and Supernatural. Also a good True Blood HP crossover with a Godric/Harry Pairing.
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  1. AlexiCyn says:

    REVENGE!!!!! Oh, yes please! If anyone has earned it, they have. And Fumbledore too! Asshats, the lot of them. Though Dudley is young enough to be spared. He would be better off being adopted by someone else. Not Marge. She’s just vileness covered in dog hair. 😛 Great start! 🙂


  2. free4913 says:

    Very intriguing! Looking forward to more of this story. I just discovered you site and have spent a wonderful afternoon catching up. Thank you!


  3. camcampgirl says:

    Loving this! I love when Lucius & Sev turn out to be the good guys!


  4. Idayu says:

    Ooohhh.. Wished that the next update would be up soon.. Am curious on what the reaction will be when they find out about the abuse n all


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