Harry Potter Hale Cullen

Title: Harry Potter Hale Cullen
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter/ Twilight
Pairing: Rosalie/Emmett  Alice/Jasper  Esme/Carlisle  more to come.
Rating: M  
Warnings: Discussions of child abuse, (physical and mental only) violence, death of characters,  sparkly vampires.
Summary: Rosalie was out for a hunt when the smell of blood and the sound of screams stop her in her track. She could never imagine what she would discover and how it would change her life. A Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover. AU Rated M for Violence. Mother Rosalie. Pairings Undecided and may be left for a sequel, if there is one.
Harry Potter belongs to JKR and SM owns Twilight

Chapter 6

Every year Harry Potter Hale Cullen grew surrounded by the love of his family, the stronger he became. He discovered the rich history of the Potters in the wizarding world, and how his mother had grown into such a powerful and talented witch, melding into a world she was not raised in. He learned all about the Wizengamot, his seat on it and Sirius would discuss how to vote on certain issues before he would vote in proxy for Harry.

Harry was also introduced to other magical children over time, though it had taken him awhile to get comfortable around them. The easiest for him to feel comfortable with was Neville Longbottom, because he was just as shy as Harry, and Susan Bones, after she had confided in him how she had lost her parents and lived with her Aunt. He had meet others, such as Susan’s friend Hannah Abbot, and he accepted her because of her friendship with Susan, but he preferred it being just him and Neville.

He remembered the first time he had seen Neville’s Gran, Augusta Longbottom, she had been stiff and strict and Harry had hidden behind his father the whole time. It had taken months for him to get use to the woman, and in that time she had loosened up, due to his family. Esme was a wonder with people. Harry had suspected that she had not felt comfortable, or safe around vampires, but no one said a word about it and as the years went on, they were both a semi fixture in his life.

They had stayed at Potter Manor until Harry turned ten, and then decided to travel around a bit while Harry continued being home schooled in magical and non magical studies. He was very intelligent, and made his family proud of him everyday. It was all he had ever wanted, to make his family proud of the man he would become. Neville would join them on some of the trips and was studying the same as Harry, though he attended Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, when he turned eleven, so he had to cut back on the travel, and only got to spend some holidays with Harry.

He would write Harry, with details about school and how he was getting on. He was so excited because Sirius had talked Augusta into getting Neville his own wand, instead of using his dad’s, which never worked well for Neville, so he was doing very well in school, and loved Herbology. Sirius had also gotten Harry an owl, which he named Hedwig, so he could keep in touch with Neville and to a lesser extent Susan and Hannah. Everyone thought Hedwig was very brave, being surrounded by Vampires, and she was. She would take no nonsense from anyone, and spent the first few months expressing her ‘displeasure’ when Emmett would try to get too boisterous, sending Harry into hysterical giggles at the sight of his large father being cowed by an owl.

Neville had been sad when, after they had received their letters, Harry had declined to go, much to his family’s relief, but he understood that Harry did not want to be around people who did not see him for who he was. There was also the fact that Dumbledore was still headmaster at Hogwarts. Neville had also written many times about how he had been bugged, almost constantly, in his first year about being friends with Harry Potter, so he more than understood as time progressed.

Harry’s fourteenth birthday was tomorrow, so it was back to Potter Manor, they returned every year for Harry’s birthdays. The elves had been thrilled with this, they missed the Cullens when they had left, though many of the elves had visited with them from time to time as they travelled. This year, Tania and the rest of the family were coming to celebrate with him. This was the first time they would be celebrating with the family. It had taken a while for Harry to be comfortable with them, and even longer for Eleazar to realise it was the magic in Harry that made him twitchy. Irina didn’t take as long, though it was hard for her to get over her jealousy of Rose, for she had, not only a strong mate, but now a beautiful baby.

The Manor was in a state of constant movement when they arrived, and it looked amazing. Harry was extra excited this year, because not only were all the family going to be together, but he was also going to get his new broom. He still loved his Nimbus 2000 he had gotten for his eleventh birthday to replace his kiddie broom finally. It had taken them that long to convince his mom that he could finally have a proper broom, she had been horrified at the thought of him on even the training broom.

But this year, he was sure his Godfather would be getting him the Firebolt, he had hinted and hinted for months about it, and Alice had assured him he would be getting everything on his wish list, which was only the Firebolt. He still didn’t ask for much and it was a while before Edward convinced him to started even hinting about the broom. He knew Alice was still upset that he refused to request things, but he really had everything he could ever need. He loved that they chose to spoil him, and it got more intense as he got older. He remembered the first time he had not burst into tears at presents, he had been seven and he had been given things randomly over the years to try and ease him into being okay with getting gifts, but on his seventh birthday, Alice had gone over board and there was so many gifts, Harry thought he could swim in them, but instead of getting all teary like he usually did when he was overwhelmed by the love they showed him with their excessive gift giving, he had just smiled shyly and hugged Alice, thanking her before hiding behind his dad’s huge frame to mask his embarrassment.

He was an expert at receiving things now, Alice had slowly but surely worn down his reluctance to want things. Alice had been ecstatic, when, at the age of eleven he had asked for a computer of his own, to help him with his studies. So of course she had pulled it out of the cupboard along with all the accessories and clapped as he laughed, smiling brightly at her, while shaking his head. He had wondered why he had not received it before, usually when he wanted something it just appeared without him saying a word, but he realized when she had given it to him that she knew he would ask and they were thrilled by it. It made him ask for more things that he ever would just to see them happy, but still it wasn’t much, and no where near enough as far as Alice was concerned.

Harry was nervous, he had hardly slept last night, due to nerves and now he was waiting anxiously in the Floo room, for Neville to arrive. Tanya and the rest had arrived while he had been sleeping and he had been hugged to within an inch of his life when he had woken up, but presents were going to wait until the appropriate time, whatever that was. He shuffled his feet back and forth, as he waiting and now wished he hadn’t told his mum and dad to let him wait alone. No sooner had the thought entered his head, his dad was behind him and he leaned back into his chest for comfort. “Thanks, Edward,” he said in a normal tone, knowing the vampire would hear him. “He said your welcome,” his dad answered as he ruffled his hair.

“You would think I could manage doing this stuff alone, after all this time,” he grumbled to his dad, as he shifted to stand on his own.

“Well son, the joys of having a family is that you never have to be alone again, ever. So you can lean on us, any of us, at anytime, and we will always be there to lend support.” Emmett said, his deep voice soothing Harry, as it always did.

Harry turned to hug his dad, and as he did a few things happened at once, first the floo flared, just as his dad stiffened and the sound of breaking glass came from the other room. Harry looked up at his dad, fear evident in his face, as he found himself lifted into his dad’s arms. “What is it?” he whispered, afraid to speak any louder.

Things like this had happened over the years, were everyone would get tense and it was always followed by an over protective and worried family, until they moved away or the problem had been solved. Harry rarely knew what was going on during these times, expect for the fact that he was always surrounded by at least three family members. Things had always worked out, but this seemed different somehow, no sooner had he had these thoughts he found himself surrounded by his mom, grandma, grandpa and Edward, who was growling low and harshly as his lips vibrated with what Harry knew was him talking to the others.

This reminded him of the time, when he was nine, that Alice had a vision about his scar. There had been a lot of arguing that day. He could remember clearly when Edward and his mom had screeched about curses and turned to Sirius to ask about something called Horcruxes. Before he could understand what was going on he was in a ritual room within Gringotts and being put to sleep. By the time he woke up, he had felt different somehow, almost cleaner. His mom, dad, and Sirius had sat him down and explained about Voldermort and how his parents had died, and that a part of that monsters soul had been inside his scar. Harry remember he had freaked out, and refused to leave his dad for three weeks. Even his mom could barely get anytime with him.

When he turned his head he saw Sirius and Remus greeting Neville and the other guests and gesturing them out of the room, causing Neville to look at him. He just shook his head and mouthed ‘I don’t know.’


Alice moved around the room, moving things to better suit her, as they waited for every one to arrive, she wanted everything to be perfect today. She looked at the clock and smiled, Neville and his Gran should be here any minute, Alice, like the rest of her family, were still amazed at Floo travel, as well as portkeys, and apparition, which had made all the lives easier as they could travel to more places in less time. She knew that Susan and Hannah would be coming with them.

Suddenly Alice stopped, the glass vase in her hand crashing to the floor, as the vision took hold. As it played out in her mind, her anger became more powerful. It wasn’t until the vision ended that she realized her anger had brought her husband to his knees. Jasper adjusted himself as he felt his wife calm and stood, taking her in his arms and inhaling her scent. “What just happened?” he asked as he lead her out of the room and into the sitting room that his family were now in. He had never experienced that type of anger from his wife before, certainly never enough to bring him down. It had been all consuming and it made him very nervous.

As they entered they head Carlisle say, “I think we should save this discussion until after the party,” as he looked around the room. “There is nothing we can do about it at the moment and Harry has guests. It would also be better if Sirius and Remus were here for this conversation, as their input will be needed. Maybe even Augusta.”

“I agree,” Alice said as she stood and brushed down the front of her dress, “this is Harry’s day, so lets go and enjoy it.” Harry sigh, he knew there was no point arguing, and he hardly ever did that anyway, there was not much he had ever disagreed with. He knew they would tell him eventually, like with his scar, so he just nodded, but remained close to his dad.

Over the years, it had been his dad he had turned to any time he feared something, even though he knew anyone in the family would keep him safe, he still had his little boy mindset of his dad being able to keep him the safest. He knew it made his dad feel special, especially as he grew older and got more independent.

After greeting all his guest properly, Neville pulled him aside, “what happened?” Harry just shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “I have no idea, Neville, but we are having a family meeting after the party, your Gran is going to be told so I guess you will be too.”

The party went as well as could be expected, the tension in the air lessened as the party went on but never quite dissipated, which kept the vampires on edge.


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Love to read, dabble in writing. Harry Potter is my favourite fanfiction. Love a good crossover with HP in most other genres, especially Twilight and Supernatural. Also a good True Blood HP crossover with a Godric/Harry Pairing.
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  1. AlexiCyn says:

    Dun, dun, DUNNNNNNNN! 😀 I’ve never read Twilight, or seen any of the movies, but I’m very much enjoying this. You’ve made it all very accessible. Thank you for that, and thank you for creating something entertaining and enjoyable. 🙂


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