The Baby in the Wreckage.

Evil Author Day.  
Title: The Baby in the Wreckage
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter/Bones
Pairing: Booth/Bones Angela/Hodgins Sweets/Daisy
Rating: M  
Warnings: Discussions of murder, dead bodies, autopsies, all things associated with Bones TV show eventually. Major messing with the timelines and characters
Summary: Bones and Booth are in England, using their honeymoon to try and located Booths long lost sister. What they find instead will change their lives forever.

I own nothing.

“Are you sure we are in the right place?”  Bones asked as they walked through the village of Godric’s Hollow.

“I’m sure. I still can’t believe my mother did this,” he sighed, if he was being honest with himself he probably could. He turned back to Bones, “it is around here somewhere….”  Booth was cut off when an explosion echoed through the air.  Bones had not heard or seen anything,  but Booth zeroed in on the cottage up ahead that was in flames.  He saw a man scurry away from the house, and he pulled Bones towards the property.

“Booth, what are you doing?”  Bones asked as she tried to stop him from pulling her.

“There was an explosion, are you telling me you didn’t hear that.  Can’t you see the house that is one fire?”  They came to a stop in front of the cottage, and Bones looked at her husband like he had lost his mind.

“Is the tumour back?” she asked, her serious tone making him look at her like she was the insane one.

“No, just wait here,” he said and took off into the house, leaving Bones standing there shouting in surprise as her husband disappeared from sight.  He reappeared ten minutes later, with a crying baby in his arms, that he handed to her.

“Where the hell did you disappear to and where did this baby come from?”

“No time for questions, just hold him a second, I want to see if anything is salvageable from the house.”  He ran back in before she could respond, and was back half an hour later, holding a trunk with a bewildered look on his face. “Let’s go, I will explain everything when we get back to the hotel.”

Not long after they had departed, a pop could be heard, heralding the arrival of Sirius Black.

Bones had checked Harry over, while Booth had gone out to get everything they needed for a baby.  When he had gotten back, they had fed, changed and put the baby to bed, then sat down so he could explain what he had seen.

“I saw the explosion like it was coming out of nowhere, then the house seemed to just materialise, like, I don’t know, like magic or something.  When I went inside I found a man lying dead at the bottom of the stairs, but didn’t take any notices since there was a baby crying.  When I got to the nursery, I found the boy, standing in his crib, crying, with that cut on his head, and he was staring at the body on the floor.  His mother, it turned it to be, Lily, my sister.  I recognised her from the photos.  Which means that little boy, that’s my nephew, Harry.”

“Let’s go through the trunk, maybe it will have something in it that will explain all of this.”  Bones suggested.

A few hours later, both Bones and Booth were stunned.  Magic was real, Lily was a witch, Harry was a wizard and they had a Dark Lord after them.  The letters had talked about Secret Keepers and Goblins and what to do in the case of the Potters deaths.  Bones was still trying to rationalise it in her mind.

They had found Booth’s name in the letters, along with a dossier on him.  The fact that he was an FBI agent was underlined twice.  Lily had been looking into her past when she had discovered that she had been adopted.  Her diary explained how she had found out she had been given up for adoption by her biological mother when she was born.  Her mother had been in England at the time and she had been put into an Orphanage where Evan’s family had taking her.

She had looked into her blood lines with a test from Gringotts and discovered she had a squib brother named Seeley Booth and a muggle brother named Jared.   Her mother’s name was Marianne Booth and father Edwin Booth.  Which confirmed to Booth what he already knew.  It had taken a while for his mother to admit he had a sister out there somewhere, and even longer to discover she was in England and her name was now Lily Evans.

“Look, they have something called House Elves.  It says here to say, Potter elves to me, and they will….” he was cut off by the sound of popping, and barely managed to keep in his seat as the little creatures stood in front of him.

“Mister calls for Jilly and Dilly,” the little being said.

“Um, yeah, hi, my name is Seeley Booth, Lily was my sister.”

“Mistress Lily has spoken of Misters Booth before, she being talking to Master James about trying to find you.”

“I’ve been trying to find her too, and I managed to find her, but I was too late.  I did save Harry, though, he is sleeping in the other room.”  The little elves bounced in front of him, making him lose his train of thought.  He turned to Bones to see her examining the little creatures.

“Master Harry is safe?”

“Yes, so far,” he said and then decided to just go with it. “Can you help us with all this stuff? It says we should go to a place called Gringotts, be we have no idea where that is.”

“Jilly can take.  You should be leaving Master Harry here, it not be safe for him out there.  Dilly take care of Master Harry while I take you.  Does Mister Booth wish to bring his lady?”

“Huh, oh, this is my wife, Dr Temperance Brennan.” He turned to look at his wife, “do you want to come with me or stay with Harry?”

“Can this elf take care of a baby by itself?” she asked, trying to understand, but her logical mind was having trouble processing it all.

“Elves be good at taking care of babies, Dilly has magic to protect Master Harry and keep him safe and healthy.”

“Okay, then I guess I will come to this Gringotts place with you.  Seeing is believing after all.  You had better bring all those letters.”

And that was how Booth and Brennan found themselves at Gringotts.


About gypsysue

Love to read, dabble in writing. Harry Potter is my favourite fanfiction. Love a good crossover with HP in most other genres, especially Twilight and Supernatural. Also a good True Blood HP crossover with a Godric/Harry Pairing.
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6 Responses to The Baby in the Wreckage.

  1. jaceblue14 says:

    oh wow…This is AWESOME!


  2. wackyninja says:

    totally squee worthy! Love it!


  3. iamladyliberty says:

    what an amazing idea–i am so excited by this idea and what you would do with it.


  4. AlexiCyn says:

    Off to a cracking great start!!! And heaven help the magicals when Booth and Temperance get ahold of them. They won’t know what hit em! GOOD! 😀


  5. chrisking2005 says:

    Oh, squeee! This is awesome!


  6. camcampgirl says:

    This is great! I love it! Booth is awesome, and Brennan is spot-on. Great job!


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