Harry Potter Hale Cullen

Title: Harry Potter Hale Cullen
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter/ Twilight
Pairing: Rosalie/Emmett  Alice/Jasper  Esme/Carlisle more to come.
Rating: M  
Warnings: Discussions of child abuse, (physical and mental only) violence, the death of characters,  sparkly vampires.
Summary: Rosalie was out for a hunt when the smell of blood and the sound of screams stop her in her track. She could never imagine what she would discover and how it would change her life. A Harry Potter/Twilight Crossover. AU Rated M for Violence. Mother Rosalie. Pairings Undecided and may be left for a sequel if there is one.
Harry Potter belongs to JKR and SM owns Twilight

Chapter 7

“Ridiculous,” Ragnok shouted, gaining everyone’s attention.  Alice had just informed them all about her vision and Carlisle had suggested the Goblin leader be present for the talk. “The Triwizard Tournament can not be used to bring back Voldemort, as you know, we have already hunted down and destroyed all of them, including the Golem, and killed the snake, just to be sure.  Alice’s vision was very helpful and Horace Slughorn was convinced to do the right thing and tell us all he knew.  We even managed to get into Hogwarts and get the Diadem of Rowena Ravenclaw.  All artefacts were cleansed and are in the Vault Alice suggested we set up.”

“We know all of this, Ragnok, what we didn’t count on was Albus Dumbledore and his need to have his hands on Harry.  Everyone already believed that Voldemort was dead, except a few of his fanatical Death Eaters and Dumbledore, and we never told them any different.  So Dumbledore is still proceeding as though nothing has changed, except his ability to get his hands on Harry,” Edward growled.

“Are you telling me that the Triwizard Tournament is nothing but arouse from the Headmaster to lure Harry to Hogwarts?”  Augusta asked, incredulity written all over her face.

“Yes,” Alice answered, “he plans to enter Harry, illegally, into it, and bind him through the Goblet of Fire.”  Her face screwed up into annoyance as she stood up suddenly and threw her hands in the air, “they have dragons as the first task,” she stated, not for the first time as if still trying to wrap her mind around the idea that anyone would make children face dragons.

“What can we do to stop it? There has to be something, right?” Rose asked as she hugged her son to her, and Harry could feel her shaking slightly in her rage.  It was the only thing that gave away her anger.  She had become very good at hiding that particular emotion, never wanted to upset Harry, even though he had told his mother many times, he didn’t get scared by it anymore.  They had raised him too well, and given him so much love, he knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, he was completely loved and safe.

“Everything I see us trying fails miserably.  From Harry’s magic being ripped from his body to him or one of us being injured or killed.  I can’t find a way around it,” Alice said, her frustration plain for all to see as she tried to see possible outcomes.  “It seems, the Headmaster has the Minister in his pocket these days.  I don’t know what we can do.  He has told Fudge that being the Minister to bring Harry Potter back to Britain would be a feather in his cap.”  Alice sighed and sat down, she had no idea what to do now, but she wouldn’t stop looking for an escape.

“Alice, have you tried looking at it from the Goblins point of view? Say if Ragnok managed to get his hands on the Goblet for some reason and added enchantments that cause it to, say, explode if someone adds someone else’s name against their will?” Edward asked and watched closely for the outcome.

“I never thought, I see it now, yes, yes that might just work,” Alice exclaimed bouncing on her toes.  “If we do that, yes see just like that, Edward, do you see?”

“For those of us who can’t read minds?” Emmett said, sighing in exasperation.  He hated it when they did this.

“If we can get Ragnok to charm the Goblet, which he can since it is a Goblin-made artifact and the Ministry is bound to have the Goblins check it before it is used, he can make sure that any name that is spat out, that is found to be in breach, as in, put in  by another, against the will of the witch or wizard concerned, then it will cause a magical backlash.  The only downside is that Harry has to be present after his name is drawn and swear on his magic he didn’t enter willingly or asked someone to enter for him.”

“So we have to go to Hogwarts anyway?” Harry asked, the idea didn’t really appeal to him, but as long as he had his family and didn’t have to compete, he would be willing to do it.

“It would seem so,” Rose said as she held him tighter.

“Why don’t you just charm it to not be confounded to add Harry’s name?” Carlisle asked

“If we do that, they will know we found out somehow and he will keep finding a way to get to Harry.  But if we do it this way, not only will Harry be free and clear, it will also prevent Dumbledore from trying again, his reputation will be ruined since it will be discovered he was the one who illegally entered Harry.”  Alice said and turned as Edward moved over to kneel in front of Harry.

“Don’t worry, we will make sure it’s fine, I promise Harry, okay?” They had both noticed Harry stiffen at the talk of Dumbledore, the man had been trying to get a hold of him for a long time, and Harry was convinced it would never end.

“If you say so,” Harry said, still not convinced, but he wouldn’t bet against Alice.


Time ran quickly in the three months before they knew the names would burst out of the Goblet of Fire, and the Cullens kept Harry as occupied as they could, but the closer they got the more agitated the boy became. No one could blame him since they were all as amped up as he was, only they hid it better.

Ragnok had informed them that he had placed the charms needed and that he would be notified the minute Harry’s name was added, and so it was on the 29th of October, that he had floo called to let them know, Harry’s name was now in the Goblet.

On the 31st of October, a worried group of vampires and wizards were seated around the family room, Harry tucked up tight between his parents, as they waited for word.  They knew a letter would be arriving soon via Ragnok since all his mail went to the bank to be scanned before he received it.  Harry was sure he had bitten his nails to the quick, while Sirius sought comfort in his animagus form resting at Harry’s feet.

Edward popped out of his chair making everyone jump, as Ragnok came into the room at a run, “we must hurry, we only have twenty minutes to get there to enact the rights, once that time passes, Harry will be compelled to compete.”

“We know, quick everyone grabs the portkey, we are finally going to Hogwarts.”


When the group entered, the Great Hall was in total chaos, as people were shouting out their disbelief that Harry Potter could have possibly entered into to competition when he wasn’t even in attendance.  There was shouting and outrage as people tried to understand what was happening, and to make matters worse the press were there shouting questions at a disgruntled Minister, who was looking at Dumbledore to do something.

Emmett’s booming laughter at the run down Edward was giving them, cause the Hall to go silent as everyone turned to look at the unusual group before them.  Harry hide behind his dad, peeking around at all the faces, and turned his thoughts to Edward asking for help.  Edward squeezed Harry’s shoulder and moved to the front of the group, but he was shocked speechless by the thoughts of everyone in the room.

“Alice,” he whispered.

“Didn’t see that coming,” she replied back, and they could all hear the laughter in her voice.

“Cedric?” Dumbledore’s voice echoed around the silent room, “you are supposed to be in the antechamber.”

“Not Cedric,” Edward replied, trying hard to keep the amusement from his voice at the look on the old man’s face, “I’m Edward Cullen, and we, my family and I are here to put an end to this farce.”

Edward turned slightly and held his hand out for Harry, who stepped forward bring his dad with him, as he grabbed onto Edward’s hand.  They walked up to stand in front of the Goblet, the rest of the group surrounding the three, blocking anyone from touching Harry.

“What is the meaning of this?” Fudge blustered, but stepped back as Rose bared her teeth at him, a slight growl leaving her throat, “vampires,” he whispered, his hands automatically coming up to cup his throat.  Alice smirked at him, as she danced past, a small giggle leaving her causing a few people to gasp at the intoxicating sound.

“Harry?” The old man’s voice caused Harry to shiver a little.

Harry turned and faced the cup, pulled his wand and began his vow, “I Harry Potter, swear on my life and magic that I did not enter this Tournament, nor did I ask someone to do it for me.  Therefore I request an adjudication on my invalid entry.”

The hall was stunned silent, as Dumbledore’s voice sounded out around the hall, “Nooooooooooooo, Harry what have you done?”

The Cup sputtered, as the flames sprung to life, burning the bright red of judgement, the castle shook slightly as the Cup released its magic, and Dumbledore fell to the floor screaming in pain.  “Magic has been taken in payment of false entry, Harry Potter is free of his contract.”  The voice echoed around the Great Hall, and then the Goblet went dormant.

Harry turned into his dad, shaking slightly at the sounds coming from the old man, “he won’t die will he?”

Ragnok moved forward and ran his hand over the Headmaster, sighing slightly before answering Harry’s question, “no he won’t die, a little of half his magic has been taken in payment.  He will still have magic, just not enough to hold all the positions he does now.” Ragnok then turned to the Minister,”you will need to find a new Chief Warlock, as he does not fit the bill anymore, and Professor McGonagall, you will need to call the Board of Governors, a new Headmaster is in order, I think it is high time Mr Dumbledore retired.”

“Does that mean Harry can come to Hogwarts finally?” Neville asked as he moved to join his friend.

“No thanks,” Harry said as he moved to hug his friend, “I think I prefer homeschooling.”  The groaning that sounded around them remind them they were not alone and Harry looked around the room, “Um, Neville, is there something you forgot to tell us all?” Harry said as he pointed to something over Neville’s shoulder.

“Not that I can think off,” he said, as he gazed shifted to where Harry was pointing.

“You mean you didn’t think it was important to let us know that Edward had a doppelganger at Hogwarts,” Harry laughed, as said vampire and his look alike were staring at each other.

Neville looked between the two, his head shifting back and forward, looked rather comical, “I don’t see it,” he said, holding in his laugh.

They watched closely as Cedric walked towards Edward and stopped in front of him, he reached out a hand, as if in a daze, and poked Edward in the face, causing the vampire to laugh and grab his wrist gently.  “Careful, I don’t want you hurting yourself.”

“You’re a Vampire,” Cedric said, though he made no attempt to move away from him.  He seemed to shake himself, “of course you’re a vampire, it was well known Harry Potter was adopted by vampires,” he continued to mutter away to himself much to the Cullen’s amusement.

“He even talks to himself like Edward,” Harry said, laughing.  Edward turned and picked him up, tickling him ruthlessly.

“You take that back, munchkin, or else,” he said as Harry’s laughed harder.

“Nope,” he gasped out, “Padfoot help?” he managed to add before he couldn’t talk anymore.

Sirius moved forward and pulled his wand, he used it to scratched absently at his beard as he assessed the situation.  He shrugged put his wand away and turned to Emmett, “I can’t do anything, you try.”

Alice was standing back, watching with a smile on her face, as her family charmed the kids, without even trying.  The Minister was standing back, unsure what to do.  Someone had already taken Dumbledore out of the room, probably to the infirmary, while some of the Professors looked on with small smiles on their faces at Harry’s laughter.

Cedric was a mystery, Alice didn’t think the two were related and had heard rumours about doppelgangers out there, they had just never run across one before, and it was rather creepy.   Either way, it wasn’t their problem, they had done what they needed to do, and it was time to move on.  Who knew what the next few years would hold, but Alice was looking forward to it.  They would stay on in the magical world for a few more years until Harry took his NEWTS, then the world was their oyster.

Maybe they would go back to Forks…….

The End.

The next instalment, will be about Forks.


About gypsysue

Love to read, dabble in writing. Harry Potter is my favourite fanfiction. Love a good crossover with HP in most other genres, especially Twilight and Supernatural. Also a good True Blood HP crossover with a Godric/Harry Pairing.
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  1. Ness R says:

    I really like this story. Its very well writteb and thought out. I cant wait to read more.


  2. chrisking2005 says:

    I do like this one! Crossovers are such fun.


  3. alexicyn says:

    I believe your stories were the first Harry/Twilight stories I read. I can thank you for my love of this particular cross over. Thank You! 🙂


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