All For Harry

Title: All For Harry
Author: gypsysue
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Harry/Cedric
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, character death, talks of child abuse (physical only), possible revenge, some character bashing.
Summary: The moment the killing curse hit him, the only thought in his mind was ‘I can’t leave Harry.’  Cedric will face death and come back, all for him, All For Harry.
Written for RT challenge

Chapter 2 

Cedric stood by Harry at the Triwizard presentation, their hands firmly grasped together. Harry had been unsure about outing the two, but Cedric had put his foot down, they had other things to worry about without having to hide their relationship.

I’m proud to be your boyfriend, Harry, and I don’t care who knows it. Unless you are ashamed to be seen with me?” Cedric had smirked at Harry as he watched him sputter out his denials.

They had talked long into the night about the opposition they would receive from certain people, mainly those that wanted Harry to do things their way. There was also no getting around how annoyed Cho and Ginny would be, though only Cedric knew about Ginny’s obsession. Harry would be informed soon enough. Cho though, she would be a handful, but he only had himself to blame, he should have seen the way she looked at him when he had taken her to the Ball. Looking back he could see it now, but at the time, he only had eyes for Harry.

They had not had time to see anybody yet, as they had been held in the Hospital Wing for the last week, recovering. The awards ceremony was supposed to take place the day after the Tournament but had to be postponed due to their health. Madam Pomfrey had been like a woman possessed, in treating Harry, she had run every scan she could come up with and had the Goblins do they same. The end result had Harry standing at five feet ten instead of five feet four inches, his body had added some mass to it, not a lot but enough to make him look healthy and give him a glow. His scarring had cleared up, even the Basilisk bite had healed.

That conversation with Ragnok had caused another melt down and had Harry pulled from the Hospital Wing on day six of their recovery, to show the Goblins, Madam Pomfrey, Madam Bones, Cedric and his mum and dad down to the Chamber of Secrets to explore and harvest a very large snake. His scar on his head had also been healed, when the last essence of the dark magic had been cleansed from it, which caused another conversation to take place.

It happened when I was tied to the headstone and Pettigrew was collecting my blood. The cut caused me pained but it was overshadowed by the pain in my scar. It hurt so bad, I could barely breathe and then I heard this screaming and black smoke seemed to dance in front of my eyes.” Harry paused and seemed to take a long cleansing breath, his eyes were wide with horror as he remembered what had happened, “it wasn’t till later when Primrose was walking us to the Hospital Wing did I wipe my brow and found black sludge mixed with blood on my hand.”

Cedric noticed Ragnok look at him, and he nodded his head. That discussion would be fun. Everything else had been put on hold until the holidays began, the day after the award ceremony.

Harry leant into Cedric’s side as the crowd grew restless, waiting for the Minister for Magic to take to the podium. “Do you think Sirius will be here?”

Cedric kissed the top of Harry’s head, ignoring the “awwww’s” that echoed around the silent room. “Madam Bones said the trial went well, what with the Will, your memories and his testimony under truth serum, what else could they do. You know the Goblins were working on his health and healing him while we were being healed, or held away from prying eyes so we could work out your accounts and get Sirius assigned as your Guardian in both worlds.” He squeezed Harry’s hand, just as the doors to the Great Hall opened and Amelia walked in with Sirius Black.

The whispers grew as he walked up to Harry and Cedric without pause, and pulled them both into a hug. It had been plastered over the Prophet all week about his illegal incarceration and subsequent trial and release. “Sirius,” Harry whispered as he released Cedric’s hand and wrapped both arms around his Godfather.

“Harry, it’s so good to see you again. I hope you don’t mind but I had Potter Castle reopened, and put Dobby and Winky to work, helping the other elves get it ready for our arrival.” A clearing of a throat had him pull back slightly and look at a very uncomfortable Headmaster trying to gain their attention, “we will talk more after the ceremony, I have permission for us to leave directly after so you don’t have to wait around.”

“Cedric?” Harry asked.

“Yes, him too,” Sirius replied and smiled at them both. He moved away as the Minister took to the podium.

The speeches were long and boring, and not one mention was made of Voldemort’s return which caused both boys to scowl. Cedric wondered if the Minister would bury his head in the sand again, one thing he knew for sure, though, if he went after Harry again, they would not stand idly by and let it happen. He had already gotten his dad to get a long list of Law-witches and Law-wizards for them to look over during the break.

Sirius, Amos and Primrose joined them as they were exiting the Great Hall, Cedric turned to Harry and asked, “so what do you want to do with the Galleons?”

“I don’t know. I don’t want them, Ced, I never wanted to participate in this thing, to begin with.”

“Well, how about we put it to a good cause?” Cedric smirked as Harry looked up at him in question. “You said the twins are tying to raise funds to start their own joke shop, how about we become official investors?” Harry was nodding before he had even finished the sentence.

“That is a great idea, we should go tell them before we leave,” Harry said as he started to pull Cedric back towards the Gryffindor table. “Fred, George, come here for a minute,” Harry yelled and waiting for the twins to join them. He manoeuvres the twins out of the Great Hall and pulled them down the corridor. “So,” he said, “Cedric and I were wondering, well it was Cedric’s idea, but I agree..”

“Breath Harry,” George said as Cedric rubbed his back, trying to calm him down, “now what has you so excited?”

“We have decided to use our winnings to invest in a certain joke shop. What do you say?” Cedric asked as Harry nodded along with him, a massive smile on his face. The twins looked completely shocked, before they had one of their conversations without saying a word, “we can draw up a contract if you like?” Cedric added.

“We trust Harry completely, but we want to make sure that he doesn’t just find a way to give us the money and get nothing in return,” Fred said.

“It’s the sort of thing he would do,” George added.

“Well, I don’t really need the money,” Harry mumbled.

“See,” the twins said together, smiling at Harry, “he’s a big softy. You wouldn’t want Cedric to miss out would you?” They watched as Harry sighed and shook his head.

“Okay you lot, how about we have the twins over to Potter Castle during the holidays and you can sort out the agreement. I wouldn’t mind talking a look at it myself.” Sirius said, his eyes all misty, “the Marauders ride again!” he added with a sad smile. “I may even have some things lying around that could be helpful.”

The twins turned to Harry, their mouths hanging open and eyes wide, “Harry, is there something you want to tell us?” the twins asked. Harry and Cedric couldn’t hold in their laughter anymore.

“Harry, you did tell them about Sirius being Padfoot right?” Cedric asked, knowing full well he hadn’t, “and about being taught DADA by Moony last year?” Even Sirius was laughing now at the look of shock on the red headed faces. Sirius leant forward an placed a hand on each twins shoulder, causing them to look at the hands in awe.

“How about we tell you all about it over the summer, when you come stay with us?” The twins were nodding their heads, unable to properly form words for a moment. Harry found it hilarious, he had never seen the twins speechless before.

“We better go,” Amos said, looking over his shoulder, all eyes followed to see Dumbledore attempting to get to them.

“Yes, we should.” Sirius said, “we will send Dobby to you with a Portkey to the Castle. Be aware, it will only work for you two, anyone else who tries to use it will not like the results.” With that last warning the group took off, Harry and Cedric’s belongings already having been retrieved and placed at Potter Castle.

They arrived at Potter Castle, and Harry had been stunned at the opulence that surrounded him, “it is hard to go from nothing to owning Hogwarts and this place,” he said sounding a little sad.

Cedric wrapped his arm around Harry, and Sirius led them through to the family room. Cedric steered Harry towards the couch and pulled him down beside him. “Just take a breath and relax, Harry. Dobby.” the elf popped in quivering slightly.

“What can Dobby be doing for Master Harry’s Ceddy?” the little elf asked. Everyone in the room could see the joy emanating from Dobby as he bounced on his feet slightly, his eyes flicking from Harry to Cedric.

“Could you get some tea please, and something light to eat, Harry needs a full stomach to take his potions before he goes to bed.”

“Dobby be doing, right now,” he said and popped away. Harry leant into Cedric as the tea tray popped into place and a plate of sandwiches followed.

“We have a lot to talk about Harry,” Sirius said, “I have been busy with the Goblins while you were recovering at Hogwarts. Amelia has been a great help, getting me a quick trial and the Goblins have been wonderful, running through our paperwork and duties while I was under their care.” Sirius looked down at Harry’s hand, noticing him twirling his Heir ring, it was a habit James had, had also and it caused Sirius to smile. Sirius ran his own fingers over his Lord and Regent rings. It had taken a lot to get the mess the Potter Account Manager had left behind. They were still trying to recover items that had been stolen from the vaults.

“As you know I am unable to go into the Potter or Gryffindor vaults until you key me in, it was only the forethought of your dad, that I was already keyed into the wards here at Potter Castle. He and your mum had wanted you raised here, you see. I am still unsure as to why they didn’t stay here when they were in hidden..” he broke off in thought and seemed to shake himself back to the here and now. Cedric managed to get Harry to eat, while he listened to Sirius, absent-mindedly running a hand through Harry’s hair as he tried to decide if he should include his parents in the conversation he had to have with the other two. It was something he had not discussed with Lily, and now he was unsure as to what he should do. He knew his parents could be very helpful, especially his mother, she was a strong, determined woman, but Lily had not mentioned them at all, and it hadn’t even crossed his mind to ask. He felt a soft breeze skim across his face, almost like a loving touch and sighed softly as the smell of lily’s filled the air.

Sirius stopped speaking mid-sentence as the scent reached his nostrils. He inhaled sharply, a soft, sad smile on his lips and he whispered, “Lily,” and look over at Harry. Harry’s face was one of wonder and sadness, and tears fell from his eyes as his hair rustled in an unseen breeze. He could feel her all around him, like an invisible hug. It was gone just as quick as it appeared, and Harry turned into Cedric, as he held him tight.

“Thank you,” he whispered into the room as he pulled Harry closer. “I have something I need to talk to you all about, and not all of it is going to be easy to hear.”

“What is it Cedric?” his mother asked as she leant forward in her seat.

“When we were in the graveyard when we first landed,” he paused at looked at Harry, who was shaking slightly at the reminder of the events, “we heard voices, and then, I was hit with the Killing Curse,” he paused at the reactions of the room. His mother was shocked, one hand over her heart the other over her mouth, while his dad was shaking his head in denial.

“Cedric,” his mother cried, as she moved off of her seat and knelt in front of him, grabbing his hand and squeezing tightly.

“There was no pain, it was all so sudden. My first thought, honestly, was of Harry, the thought of leaving him behind, it was heartbreaking to me. I noticed I was in what looked like the corridor I first met Harry in and then a voice came out of nowhere ‘I thought you would be more comfortable here,’ she said, and I about fainted, I think all I could say was ‘how?’ as I saw her walking towards me.”

“Lily?” he asked, catching on quickly, “she always was the smartest witch we knew, even death couldn’t stop her protecting Harry.”

“Yes, I met Lily, and we talked. She told me many things, some disturbing, some wonderful,” Cedric smiled as he held onto Harry, “she also told me how she had arranged it so Harry and I would meet his second year. ‘A little nudge in the right direction’, she called it. If it hadn’t been for her, I would have died that night and never come back. I owe her, everything,” he breathed out, as he turned his head burying his nose in Harry’s hair and using the scent to centre himself. “She has messages, for Harry and Sirius, it was, meeting her, being in her presence when she talked about Harry, her love for him, it was like another entity in the room, it flowed out of every part of her. It is so hard to describe, I hope the Pensieve memories can do it justice.”

“I remember,” Sirius said, his voice sorrowful, “when she held him for the first time, her face lit up with happiness and love fill the room like magic itself was rejoicing with her. James was completely overwhelmed and I wasn’t much better. When she let me hold you for the first time, Harry, I am not ashamed to say I cried with the joy of it, James as well, though he was more of a blubbering mess,” Sirius added with a laugh. Harry had been very quiet besides Cedric, his tears falling freely as he listens to them talk, a soft smile on his face.

“Can we, I would like to view the memories, it would be nice to have one of her that wasn’t about her death,” Harry said, leaning into Cedric.

“Lily said there would be a Pensieve in the office here, you need the Lord or Heir ring to open the hidden room behind the desk.”

“Yes, I remember Charlus showing it to us when we were fifteen, I’ll just go get it,” Sirius said as he got up.

“Cedric,” Primrose’s voice shook slightly, “my baby, you..” her sobs stopped her short. She had moved back to the couch next to her husband and was squeezing his hand tightly, his father didn’t look much better, but Cedric could see he was trying to be strong for her.

“I know mum, try not to dwell on the Killing Curse part, and remember that I am still here.” It was hollow words, he knew, but he was not sure what he was supposed to say. He knew his mother would be devastated by this, but there was no easy way to tell them, ‘hey guess what, I died, but no worries, Mrs Potter made a deal with Death and I’m fine now!’

He could see her struggling to come to terms with the fact, that she could have lost her baby, her only child. He understood the look, it was similar to the one Lily Potter wore when she spoke of Harry, though hers was more heartbreaking in the fact that she would have to wait for Death to take her son before she could hold him in her arms again. And what a terrible thing to have to wait for, the constant struggle between wanting to be with your baby, but wanting him to live a full and loving life. Lily would always choose a full and loving life, she had proven that already, but the cost of that could be found shining in her eyes, Harry’s eyes.

At that moment Sirius returned with the Pensieve and placed it on the table between them. “You know what to do I take it?”

“Yes,” he turned to Harry, “where do you want me to start it from?” Cedric was unsure if Harry could handle seeing him hit with the curse again, and didn’t think his parents needed to see that.

“After,” Harry and Primrose said and the same time, and smiled sadly at each other.

“Okay, I will show you from where she said she thought I would be more comfortable where we were.” Cedric placed his wand against his temple and pulled the memory out, placing it into the Pensieve, “ready?”

Sirius dimmed the lighting and tapped the bowl three times, on the projection rune. The room was suddenly filled with the image of a confused looking Cedric and Lily Potter’s smiling face. They watched as Lily spoke of what she had done to make sure he could go back, the talk about the exchange had all but Cedric suck in harsh breaths. Sirius paused the memory and turned to Cedric,”is it gone, the piece in him?”

“Yes, Harry told Ragnok of the pain in his head and the black mist, the Horcrux was taken while he was tied to the gravestone. I have already given him the list of what the others are and where they are. I am pretty sure they will be all taken care of over the holidays. You will see Lily left nothing to chance.”

Sirius nodded and restarted the memory, and Harry leant into Cedric for support, “she is so beautiful,” Harry whispered.

“Yes, she really is.”

The memory continued, as Lily talked about titles and money, all the legal things Sirius and Ragnok were already sorting out, but things got quite heated when the memories, within the memories played out. They watch as Cedric went into the Pensieve Lily had supplied, it caused a nauseating experience to all watching, before horror washed over their faces at the life Harry lead, without Cedric.

The blame for his death, the loneliness, you could see the exact moment he had given up. But it was the potions that had the most response. It was hard to understand how anyone could do that, but it was worse for Harry, knowing it was people he thought were his friends. All for jealousy.

“We need to keep a close eye on those little Weasley’s,” Sirius said, as he paused the memory again, and everyone agreed.

“We need to keep a close eye on Hermione,” Harry added, mortified that he would not be the only victim.

As the memory restarted, Lily’s voice echoed around the room, “I have a message for Sirius Black that you need to show him.” They saw Cedric nod, and Lily continued, “Sirius,” she said, “I want you to know, that you never stood a chance when it came to getting Harry.  Plan upon plan had been made to ensure it,” she paused and gave him her patent, ‘you did something wrong’ look, “but did you have to make it so easy on Dumbledore. I mean, come on, going after Peter like that was just plain stupid.” She seemed to shake herself and smiled again, “anyway, as I was saying, it was never going to be, so I don’t want you to blame yourself any longer, because I know you Sirius Black, and I know it would be eating you up inside, what Harry suffered. Just know I never left him unprotected, I made sure my magic was wrapped around him, helping him as much as I could.”’

Sirius had tears in his eyes as he looked at her, “I’ll try, Lily,” he said. It was almost like she had heard him when her smile grew.

“Make sure you tell Harry all about us, I want him to know how much he was loved, how much I wish I could be there, now, holding him when he cries, celebrating his joys and laughing with him in the good times. He made my life worth every sacrifice, worth every tear, the joy I felt, the love I still feel,” she paused as a tear ran down her face. “Just make sure, Sirius, above all else, my boy knows love.”

The sombre mood changed as Lily and Cedric started to plan, deciding how they were going to go ahead, “You need to Goblin King, Ragnok, and Madam Bones, as soon as possible, it will cut off Dumbledores access to Harry, and it will help get Sirius free. I do not want Harry going back to my sister’s house,” Lily said, and everyone could tell how angry she was, “he was never supposed to go there, its just lucky for me that I had placed my own special wards around my sister and her family, just in case. It would have been a lot worse for my precious boy if I hadn’t. Anyway, tell Ragnok Figuli contractum fuerit dissipata, and he will act accordingly. It is the quickest and most efficient way to get the Goblins behind Harry. We are just lucky Griphook had no honour, which is a real shame since his Grandfather was a wonderful Goblin.”

The planning continued for a while, both throwing ideas back and forth and getting rather rowdy with it. When the two were finally satisfied, they both stood and Lily pulled him close, “give Harry a hug and kiss from me, and tell him I will always love him, and I am proud, every minute of every day that he is my son.” She kissed his cheek, and then the world began to spin and the memory ended with Cedric waking up, Harry on top of him, crying.

“I can’t even begin to express my gratefulness to Lily,” Primrose stated as she patted her tears away with her handkerchief, “ but I will do everything I can to help you with your plans.” She stood gracefully and walked over to her son, pulling him up and into an embrace. “Lily has given me a gift beyond all gifts. To have you here with me, when things could have been so different, the thought of you not being with us anymore, it is just too much to bare, Cedric.” Primrose turned and reached for Harry, pulling him up when he accepted her hand, “and you my dear, dear boy, you are family, and from now on, in honour of Lily, I must insist you call me mum.”

She squeezed both her boys and plotted in her mind, her own ways to protect them both, starting with their relationship. “Amos, Sirius,” she said as she released the boys, “I think it is time we discuss an iron clad betrothal contract. I will not have anyone trying to separate our boys unless it is our boys themselves.”

“How about we have some tea,” Sirius said calling for Dobby to bring fresh tea, “and ask the boys what they want.”

“Yes,” Amos agreed, “quite right, Primrose, I understand your determination after what we have just seen, but we must take their feelings into account.”

“Of course, but anyone can see the boys are in love, Amos, I am just making sure no Weasley, or anyone else, gets in the way. And we must keep an eye on that girl Cedric took to the Ball, did you see the way she was watching them at the Winners Ceremony.”

The adults began to discuss things between them, and Cedric just laughed softly and pulled Harry close, “they will realise we are in the room soon enough, I think, but I owe you a gift from your mother.” With that, he pulled Harry close and kissed his cheek, the smell of Lily’s surrounding them as they held each other close.


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