All For Harry

Title: All For Harry
Author: gypsysue
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter
Relationship(s): Harry/Cedric
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, character death, talks of child abuse (physical only), possible revenge, some character bashing.
Summary: The moment the killing curse hit him, the only thought in his mind was ‘I can’t leave Harry.’  Cedric will face death and come back, all for him, All For Harry.
Written for RT challenge

Chapter 3

Cedric rolled over in the bed on his side of Harry’s room, where Dobby had to lead them last night. He had inquired about his own room, which had been set up for him, but Harry had asked him to stay, and he had agreed easily. It had been a rough time for Harry and last night just added to it.

He smiled to himself as he wondered what his parents and Sirius had finally decided, and wondered if he and Harry should give them a hard time about it. Cedric was of legal age now, so nothing could be done without his approval, but Harry, who would be fifteen next month, was at the mercy of his guardian. Lucky for them it was Sirius, and they both knew he would not do anything Harry didn’t approve of. The sound of movement broke his thoughts, and he watched as Harry stretched and his eyes fluttered open.

He smiled, Harry’s eyes were even more beautiful when they were not hidden behind those hideous frames, “we should take you to the optometrist as soon as we can,” Cedric said, startling Harry, who reached out blindly for his glasses and smiled at Cedric as soon as his vision cleared.

“Sound good to me, and maybe some new clothes would be nice too.” Harry’s voice was soft and sleep ridden, and Cedric thought he sounded adorable, and not for the first time, was grateful he was a Hufflepuff, who had mountains of patience. He knew he was going to need it sooner or later, probably sooner, since Harry’s hormones were already kicking in. He was very nervous for when that happened, right now Harry was more than happy with quick chaste kisses and plenty of hugs and hand holding, but he knew it would change soon enough. He had told Harry, under no uncertain terms, there would be no snogging till Harry was at least sixteen, and definitely no sexual contact of any kind until Harry was of age, and he meant every word, though he knew Harry’s Gryffindor tendencies would come out to play eventually and he would be tested beyond any reasonable man. This is where he held firmly to his Hufflepuff tendencies. It would be a battle of will and he was determined to win this battle.

Harry giggled from across the room, and then slapped a hand over his mouth, embarrassed by the sound that came out, and Cedric looked at him quizzically. “You should learn not to talk out loud when you are distracted, Mr Hufflepuff tendencies,” Harry said as he quickly got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. Cedric could feel the blush run up his neck and take over his face as the door shut behind Harry.

“Damn it!”

Harry’s voice drifted from the bathroom, “I heard that too,” followed by his laughter.

By the time both boys were dressed and ready the adults were already at the dining room table, and breakfast popped in just as the boys sat down.

“You two have fun last night?” Sirius said, waggling his eyebrows at Harry causing the boy to blush like mad. Cedric couldn’t help but laugh, payback was a witch sometimes.

“Sirius Black sir, knows boys slept in separate beds, Master Harry’s Dogfather checked in on them to make sure no hanky-panky was going on,” Dobby said as he finished setting Harry’s potions in front of him. “Master Harry must take this one,” he pushed a phial towards Harry, “before food, and these two after,” he added as he lined them up in order.

“Thanks, Dobby,” Harry said and then downed the first potion and sighed in relief at the taste. “Goblins really are brilliant,” he said as he picked up his fork, casting a glance at his blushing Godfather, and chuckling.

Amos was chuckling at Sirius, while Primrose gave him a look that could freeze Voldemort himself, but Cedric could see the humour in her eyes, and nudge Harry, jerking his head in the direction of his mother. “This should be good,” he whispered.

“And what exactly are you trying to imply about my son and his intentions towards Harry?” Primrose said. Sirius sputtered as his mouth opened and closed many times, as Primrose continued, “because I can assure you, Lord Black,” and even Cedric flinched slightly at the way she said his name, “I have raised a perfect gentleman and for you to even suggest otherwise,” she turned and winked at Harry, while Sirius was still trying to splutter out something, “well lets just say, comments like that, won’t end well for the one saying them.”

Sirius squeaked as Primrose’s wand disappeared up her sleeve, no one had even seen her draw it. Dobby tutted and popped away, with Harry, Cedric and Amos lost total control as they looked at Sirius sitting there with Hufflepuff yellow hair, which took on the form of Badgers, his skin now had black and yellow stripes and every time he went to talk the only thing that came out of his mouth was “Hufflepuffs do it best.”

“I think we might leave that there until he has to speak to the Goblins,” she smirked, and turned to Harry and Cedric, “and I’m sure you boys would like to have a bit of a walk around Diagon Alley before you see them. Some shopping is in order for Harry after all.”

Sirius chuckled at a prank well played and wrote out in the air with his wand, I would so marry you if you were single.

“That’s what all the Lords say,” she said dismissively, before a giggle escaped her, as Amos smirked smugly beside her.

“Master needs to be going, if he wants to be doing some shopping for his Heir,” Winky said as she popped in, then screeched as she took one look at her Master Sirius. “Who be doing this to Winky’s beloved Master, Winky not be happy,” she said as she glared around the room, before clicking her fingers and setting her Master to rights. “I needs to be keeping a closer eye on the happenings around here,” she muttered as she clicked her fingers again to straighter her Master’s clothes and hair.

Primrose frowned slightly, but let it go, planning on keeping an eye on the little elf, she seemed to be as fanatical to Sirius as Dobby was to Harry, so she needed to figure out a way to get the little elf on her side, or Sirius would be insufferable.

Sirius was smirking at the woman until he saw the glint in her eye and he swallowed convulsively. That look reminded him very much of Lily Potter when revenge was to be had. “Okay, let’s go,” he said getting up quickly and moving around to stand behind Harry.

“I’m not going to save you Padfoot,” Harry whispered to him and trying to move away, only to be held into place by Sirius’ hand.

“Traitor,” Sirius growled, but let go of the boy at his persistence. He placed a smile on his face and headed for the Floo room, taking his coat from Winky, “thank you Winky, you’re the best,” he said with a smile.

Winky smiled indulgently at the man, she had only been with him for five days, but it had been the best five days of her life and she would do anything for new Master. She even had to begrudgingly thank Dobby for getting her such a good Master, though the arguments between the two about who’s Master was best aggravated her. Everyone knew Lord Black was the best Master ever.

The shopping trip was a huge shock to Harry’s system, and Cedric had to reassure him many times, with the amount of clothing that was being purchased for him. Harry couldn’t believe anyone needed so much of it. Though he was grateful for all of it, especially the new underwear, socks and shoes. But Cedric pulled the adults back when Harry started to get really overwhelmed, he figured they had everything they needed, and if the grow ups wanted to get more, they had Harry’s measurements now on file. It was a very relieved Harry, Cedric, and Amos that walked out of the last store, much to the amusement of Primrose and Sirius.

“Food, I need food,” Cedric muttered as he leads Harry over to the Leaky Cauldron for lunch. They had an hour before their meeting at Gringotts.

“Me too, who knew shopping was so much work,” Harry muttered as he leant into Cedric while they walked.

“Well you don’t have to worry anymore, now the shops have your measurements you can just order anything else you need or Sirius or mum can pick up extras if they want.” Cedric laughed as Harry shuddered into his side.

“I don’t think there is anything left in any of those stores to get more,” Harry said, shaking slightly.

They arrived at the Leaky and Tom gave them his best table, “what an honour it is to have both the Triwizard Champions in here,” he said as he sat them down and laid their menus in front of them.

“And what are we,” Sirius muttered as Tom walked away.

“Not worth mentioning, I’d say,” Cedric said with a laugh, “that’s what happens when you travel with us famous folk,” he added, earning an elbow in the ribs from a blushing Harry. It was worth it, though, he was bound and determined to make sure Harry wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed of who he was. He looked over at his mother who smiled at him in approval. Fun, laughter, love and confidence building, that is what they had decided on, during one of their talks in the Infirmary.

“So,” Cedric said, clearing his throat, “are you going to talk to us about your talk on the Betrothal Contract?” The adults around the table blushed slightly.

“We did get a little bit carried away,” Primrose said, “but I would really love to have one draw up. The thought of having Harry as a son,” she smiled softly at Harry, “I couldn’t ask for a better addition to the family.”

“I agree wholeheartedly,” Amos added, grabbing his wives hand in support. “Cedric has very good taste I must say. I was a little nervous when he took Cho Chang to the Ball, even when he explained that it was only for appearances, that girl shows too much interest in Cedric, and her father is as dark as they come.”

“Now is not the time to discuss that, honey,” Primrose said, ignoring the curious looks from the rest of the table. “We can discuss that at a later, more private time.

“Well, I don’t mind a contract, Cedric explained it to me last night, and I like the idea of being protected from other advances,” no one missed the shudder passing through Harry. Who could blame him after what they had seen in the Pensieve?

“We have an idea of how to set it up so that there are no penalties for either side if one of you decide that this is not what you want in the future.” Cedric was shaking his head at this, and so was Harry. “I know you two want to be together, but Harry, you are only fourteen, fifteen next month, you could change your mind as you age.”

“No,” he said, laying his head against Cedric’s shoulder, “I don’t think I will. I know feelings can be fickle, I have seen it at school, as people move from person to person, but what I feel for Cedric, it’s hard to explain, but I think we will last.” Harry ducked his head and blushed slightly, “besides, I love the git.”

Cedric sucked in a breath as everyone chuckled at Harry’s comment. What no one could possible know is that this was the first time Harry had ever so those words, and it made Cedric’s heart skip a beat. “I love you too, brat,” he whispered into Harry’s ear, causing the blush to spread, but a huge smile took over his features.

“That’s settled, them, we will take care of the Contract at Gringotts,” Sirius said smiling at the happiness on his Godson’s face.

Cedric and Harry let the sounds of the adults talking wash over them as they ordered and ate their lunch. Neither could wipe the smiles off of their faces.

The carefree morning happy bubble was burst, the moment they walked into Gringotts. “I’m sure we checked you for tracking charms, Harry,” Cedric said, voice dripping with sarcasm as they spotted Dumbledore with the Weasley’s in the bank’s lobby.

Amos slipped away as the old man and his entourage approached, “Harry, my dear boy,” Dumbledore said as he approached, “I have been trying to get into contact with you since you slipped out of the awards ceremony so quickly.” Nobody missed the disapproving look he gave Harry.

“Harry’s been getting his mail just fine, Mr Dumbledore,” Primrose said, her face the picture of innocence, “the only letters not getting through are the cursed one.” She sent him a quizzical look, raising an eyebrow in faux surprise. “Surely, you are not sending Harry Potter, of all people, cursed letter?” All this was spoken loud enough to draw the attention of the other patrons of the bank, and the whispers had already broken out.

“I would never do such a thing,” Dumbledore stated, his voice dripping in incredulity.

“We can only assume one of two things, either you are sending him cursed letters, or you are not sending him any letters at all and are being dishonest about trying to contact Harry at all,” Primrose smiled politely at him, though her eyes were glittering with barely suppressed humour at the old man’s predicament. “So, which is it, are you sending the boy who lived,” here she squeezed Harry’s shoulder in support and silent apology, “cursed letters or are you a liar?”

Molly was spluttering indignantly in the background as the chatter of the crowd seemed to rise up around them. “Well I never,” the red-headed mother screeched, “we were just trying to find Harry to invite him to spend some time at the Burrow, with Ron.”

“No, thank you, Mrs Weasley,” Harry spoke up, he wanted to get out of there as soon as he could, it was very hard to hold in his laughter,” I plan on spending the holidays with my Godfather, and learning all about my place in the Magical World. It’s all so very exciting isn’t it.”

The innocent way in which this was express, had Cedric, Sirius and Primrose, trying to hold in their laughter.

“Surely, you are too young to be worried about such things, Harry?” Dumbledore asked, his eyes twinkling brightly. Harry felt the pressure on his mind and looked away quickly, taking hold of Cedric’s hand and squeezing in the process.

“Lord Black, Regent of Gryffindor, Heir Potter-Black Gryffindor, Diggory Clan, please follow me, Ragnok will see you now,” the Goblin interrupted causing Harry to breathe out in relief. Dumbledore made to follow and was quickly shut down, “you are not invited,” the Goblin said, and two guards came over to block his way as the group was lead down to Ragnok’s office.

“He tried to read my mind, Cedric,” Harry whispered, twirling his Heir ring as they made their way down the hall. The stopped in front of an ornate door and the Goblin knocked, before entering to announce their arrival.

“I told you he would don’t worry Harry, your mind is protected and your Occlumency is coming along brilliantly,” Cedric said, reassuringly, smiling at him, causing Harry to relax and smile back as they enter the office.

They had only just been seated before Ragnok began, he seemed equal parts furious and happy, which was a shocking look for a Goblin. “Shall I start with the good news or the upsetting news?” he asked, and Sirius, who was seated next to Harry turned to look at him with a raised eyebrow in question.

“I don’t know, Sirius. You’re my Regent, you are supposed to make these decisions for me, right?”

“Yes, but you know I want you fully involved. Many things have been kept from you, and I promised you I would never do that. But I can make an exception this time, I guess.” He ruffled Harry’s hair and turned back to Ragnok, let’s start on a bad note and end on a good one.”

“Very good.” He pulled some papers in front of him, and shuffled them around, “it seems that the Potter account is doing okay, now that we have started to collect the required payments from rentals and businesses that had decided they didn’t need to keep up with payments since Harry was only a little boy. Since the Account Manager was indifferent to the accounts he couldn’t physically get his hands on, he paid no attention to it.”

“Some of the money from the Account Trust has been recovered, but we still need to access the Dursley’s accounts to recovery the money pay to them for your upkeep. Dumbledore took it upon himself to also pay himself a fee.” He paused as if to centre himself, this next bit he was reluctant to tell the boy, but he had no choice, “also since your first year at Hogwarts, Dumbledore has been paying Molly Weasley a stipend for your upkeep, for when you go to the Burrow. We have been made aware that not only did you pay for their vacation to Egypt, you also paid for the World Cup tickets.”

Harry was shaking his head in denial, he could understand Molly doing it, he had seen the memories from his mum, but, “Arthur, the twins, Bill, Charlie, they wouldn’t,” he said sounding deflated.

“From what we have been able to gather so far, is that Bill and the twins had no idea. They all believed the contest story and the tickets being given by the Ministry. We asked the twins about it when they come in asking about contracts for their business, saying they were going to be partners with Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory and wanted to make sure that it was a fair contract since they knew Harry would try to make it more in their favour. They were horrified by what they had heard, but had promised to keep quiet until they visited you during the Holidays.” Harry was nodding his head automatically, but Cedric could feel the relief in him as his shoulders relaxed slightly. “As you may know, William Weasley works for us, and he was put under truth serum and questioned quite thoroughly. He knew nothing of this at all, and truly believes that his father would not know anything about it either. He also mentioned Life Debts the family owe you, and requested we ask you for a time that would be convenient for him to discuss this with you Sirius, as Harry’s guardian.”

“We can organise that at the end of the meeting,” Sirius said, angry on behalf of his Godson.

“He assured us he would be putting his family’s affairs in order as soon as possible, he has also offered to pay back every penny his mother has taken from Harry.”

Sirius looked at Harry, who sighed, “I don’t know what to do, can we discuss it later as a family and make a decision? It’s just a lot to take in, what with the Dursleys as well.”

“Of course,” Sirius said, causing Harry to smile tiredly at him. Harry was feeling exhausted and it seemed they had only just begun.

“On to other business, The Daily Prophet has been contacted, and you can expect a full page apology in the next edition. The editor was very upset to learn who exactly owned majority shares in the paper, and has, under duress, agreed to do what is right. You will need to decide on a new board for the paper and whether you are going to get a new editor as well. We hear Skeeter is in a panic, after discovering exactly who her boss is.” Ragnok’s chuckle was an unnerving sound to the humans in the room.

Ragnok pulled out another folder and placed it in front of himself, opening it up, “as per your other request, the Board of Governors has been disbanded, and letters send to all those you have approved of to be on the Board, of course, you have put you down as the one who will run the Board, we hope this is satisfactory?” Ragnok said, and Sirius was sure he couldn’t say no even if he wanted to.

“Are you not suppose to be working for me?” he asked incredulously, causing the Goblin King to laugh loudly.

“If you say so,” he said, “and part of that is to make sure you do what is best for your Heir,” and there Sirius knew he was only being given as much as he was due to Harry. He nodded his head in agreement, it was all for Harry after all.

“After the Board has been assembled, we will send the letters out to the teaching staff, and the Headmaster, letting them know their jobs will be evaluated and pending the outcome, a decision will be made about their continued employment.”

“You’re going to fire the Headmaster?” Harry asked, a huge smile taking over his face, “I didn’t know you could do that.”

“You own the Castle, Harry, all decisions made by you are enforced by the magic of the building, and the Board was put in place, long ago, to make sure the Staff kept to the Founders will. As you know they have failed miserably, and the clause to enact a cleanse has been put into place.” Sirius said, “next year will be a very different experience for you at Hogwarts.”

“I hope Flitwick keeps his job, I am supposed to start my Charms Mastery under him next year,” Cedric said.

“You never said anything, Cedric,” Harry said, mouth agape slightly in surprise, “that’s brilliant,” he added as he grabbed a hold of Cedric’s hand.

“All the easier to keep an eye on my betrothed,” Cedric said smirking. “The amount of trouble you attract, you need all the eyes on you, we can manage.”

“Oy,” Harry said, almost as a reflex, since he couldn’t wipe the smile from his face. Having Cedric at school still would be awesome. “Who is the new Headmaster going to be?”

“We don’t know yet, but the school has failed and the old ways enacted, which means,” Ragnok paused, smirking at Harry, “the owner of the school will decide on the new Headmaster or Mistress.”

Harry face-palmed, muttering to himself about the injustice of it all, before he looked up with a glint in his eye that had everyone in the room worried, but he kept quiet.

“Everything else is running smoothly, money has been reinvested as per your suggestions, Lord Black, and things are looking up already. I have a copy of the contract I gave the red-headed menaces, which you can look over and discuss with them when they see you next.” Ragnok cleared his throat and pulled another form from a different folder, “also, I heard talk of Betrothals, is this true?”

“Yes, the Diggory’s and I have come to an arrangement for Cedric and Harry, and both boys are happy with it,” Sirius answered, smiling at the boys.

“I have here a standard contract for someone of Harry’s standing. It is the contract that was used by all the Gryffindor Heirs, as they requested them. All Gryffindor’s and Potter’s married for love, but it was popular in the past for Betrothal Contracts to be put into place to protect the family’s involved. Many coveted the Gryffindor name and tried to end relationships by notorious means, which lead to the practice becoming popular by the family. Would you like to look over the contract?”

With nods all around the papers were laid on the table and, past around, until all had read them. It was a very good template, and neither Sirius or the Diggory’s had an issue with it. They were about to sign when Harry piped up, “you will obviously have to make changes to the part where Heirs are required, since, you know, we are boys.”

“Why is that Harry?” Primrose asked though she was pretty sure she knew where this was going.

“Well, boys can’t have babies, obviously,” he said blushing slightly. Cedric nudged him while Sirius and Amos chuckled slightly.

“Of course they can, Harry,” Primrose said, causing Harry’s mouth to drop open, “there are many rituals that can be used, and in a few cases, where the Wizard is magical enough, they can conceive with the help of potions to create artificial wombs.” She waved her hand around as she continued, “I don’t see any problems with you two giving me plenty of grandchildren, eventually.”

Harry was somewhere close to catatonic by the time Primrose had finished taking, so Cedric did his best to comfort him, “don’t worry Harry, we will discuss it fully later. Besides, it’s not a decision we need to make right now, we have plenty of time to decide how we want to produce Heirs,” Cedric didn’t think Harry needed to know they would need to produce quite a few Heirs to fulfil the requirement.

“Speaking of Heirs, Lord Black, did you talk to yours about the blood adoption you wanted to perform?”

Sirius smiled softly at Harry and nodded his head. “Yes, Harry and I discussed it, and he has agreed to elevate me from Godfather to Father.” Harry and Sirius both looked joyous at the thought.

“Let’s sign the Betrothal Contract, and then we can adjourn to the Ritual room. Harry will need to have a medical check, first and if everything is fine, we can do the Adoption Ceremony, straight after. You will, of course, have to then pick a new Godfather, to put into place, but that can be arranged at another time.”

They signed the forms and were lead to the room for the Ritual to take place. Harry sat as patiently as he could through the Medical Scan and only squirmed slightly as the Goblin Healers magic checked him over. She seemed to nod her head from time to time and then frown slightly in places, causing Harry to worry he wouldn’t be well enough for the Adoption. He had done very well with his healing, Goblin magic worked a lot faster than their magic, but it would still take time to deal with all of his injuries.

“You are doing well, Heir Gryffindor, I am pleased with your progress.” Harry smiled at her, it was common for most Goblins to call him Heir Potter-Black since that was his preference, but his Goblin Healer, Kia, refused to call him anything but Gryffindor. She insisted such an important name should be used. It had caused great amusement in the Infirmary when she had stayed to take care of him, as Harry had to get used to answering to the name, and she was not adverse to smacking him upside the head when he did not answer in a timely fashion.

“Thank you, Mia, you take very good care of me,” Harry said smiling at the Goblin.

“Someone has too,” she grumbled as she patted him on the head gently, “just make sure you take your potions for two more weeks and you will be as good as new. I would have stopped them tomorrow but with the Ritual, I think added a few weeks would be beneficial.”

“Okay,” he replied, smiling over at Sirius, his excitement bubbling to the surface at the thought of finally being given something he had wished for his whole life.

The Ritual was pretty straight forward, Sirius and Harry’s blood was added to the potion and mixed before being divided and given to each of them, “I declare my will in front of these witnesses and Lady Magic, to take Harry James Potter, as my son, in blood and magic, so mote it be,” Sirius said and then downed the potions.

“I declare my will in front of these witnesses and Lady Magic to accept Sirius Orion Black as my father in blood and magic, so mote it be,” Harry added and drank his potions. Their hands were taken and a dagger drawn down both, their bloodied hands joined together and tied by a silk rope.

“May Lady Magic and the spirits of James Charlus Potter and Lily Elisabeth Potter give their blessing to this Adoption,” the Goblin intoned.

The spirits of Lily and James erupt from the transfer Runes in the floor, as magic filled the room, encasing Harry and Sirius. “We give our blessing on this most wondrous day,” they said in unison, as the magic built to a crescendo. As it started to dissipate James and Lily looked at the two of them and whispered,“Take care of each other,” echoed through the chamber, as the Ritual ended, and Sirius grabbed hold of Harry, hugging him tightly to him.

“You can count on me this time James and Lily, I promise you, I will keep him safe with everything I am,” he whispered into Harry’s hair, as the tears fell silently down his face.

“Love each other,” they heard Lily’s voice say as the two began to fade from sight.



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