Survival EAD

Title: Survival
Author: gypsysue
Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter/Walking Dead
Relationship(s): Harry/Daryl, Luna/Meryl  more to come.
Content Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, character death, talks of child abuse (physical only), some character bashing. Everyone is fair game.
Summary: Harry just wanted to get away for a while. Luna knew something was coming and wanted to stick by the most powerful wizard in the world, cause everyone knows when the world falls apart, Harry is your best option of Survival.

EVIL AUTHOR DAY: That means this is just something I am playing around with and like all EAD’s it may be a long time before any more is done with it.  Unbeta’ed

Chapter 1

Harry ran around gathering everything he needed, his mind still reeling from his conversation with Luna.  Pack everything she said, all the food and water and potions you can carry, plus ingredients and supplies to make more.  Muggle clothes and medicines had been on that list too.  He had even done something he had promised Hermione he would never do, he had bonded to Winky. She had been upset enough when he had found out he had other elves besides Kreacher.  Luna has said it would be important and he hadn’t questioned her.  He had decided a long time ago to listen when Luna spoke.

She wasn’t a Seer per say, but she did have a knack for knowing exactly what was needed to know when she needed to know it.  Harry didn’t mind much, he really wanted to get out of England, being the Man-Who-Slayed, was getting on his last nerve.  Not following everyone’s expectations of him was even more annoying than people who grovelled at his feet for saving them.  It seemed, even seven years later, that he couldn’t escape it.

Ron had wanted Harry to be an Auror, but Harry was tired of fighting and decided to train as a MediWizard/Healer instead.  Ron still hadn’t forgiven him and blamed Harry for him washing out of Auror training and having to work at WWW.  Harry was tempted to tell him that the only reason he had a job at WWW was because Harry funded the damn thing.

Not marrying Ginny had been another disappointment for the redhead, and Ginny was worse, harping on about how all the stress had gotten to him and he would get over it with time and do what was right.

Harry was sure the only reason the whole Weasley clan had not turned on him was for the fact he had saved Fred, thanks to Luna’s warning.  George had been beside himself in gratitude and had yelled down anyone who had dared to besmirch his name.  Harry hadn’t thought Molly’s face could get any redder by the time the twins had finished with her after she had suggested that maybe Harry needed a little push in the right direction.

Potions, really, he was a fully trained Healer, like he couldn’t spot a love potion by now.  There was also the fact his ring burned on his finger when he came into contact with harmful potions or poisons.

Hermione was livid with all the redheads that had come at Harry and had told Ron where to shove his engagement ring and told Ginny to grow up and stop being a self-centered bitch.  Harry had gaped at her use of language at the time but laughed every time he thought back on it.

“Master, Winky has packed up all the shopping I is purchasing and putting the charms on them to keep them fresh.  Is there anything else Winky be needing to do?”

“Thanks, Winky, you’re a gem.” He smiled as the little elf blushed, “can you help Kreacher and the other elves finish packing up the houses.  Everything we won’t be taking will be stored in the Potter or Black vaults.  How is the Farmhouse coming along?  How are the wards looking, after so long?”

“Master Harry will be needing to reset the wards when we be getting there.  The muggles be thinking there be a caretaker coming to keep the place in repair, but the elves be doing their  job.”

“Thanks, Winky, let the other elves know to keep up the good work and to purchase anything they need as soon as possible, make sure they know to stock up on animal feed, and anything else they can think of. Take all the stuff you purchased to the Farm, I will shrink and pack all the stuff I’m taking so you won’t have to worry about that. The Potter elves will be joining them shortly, and we will be needing to discuss with you all, to add extra protection to the warding system, and any expansions that we may need if Luna thinks we need them.  Oh and don’t forget to pick up the portkeys from Gringotts for me please.”

Luna had warned Harry to have spares made so that he could leave them with family in case they needed them.  Harry just figured, at some point, their group of three would be expanding.

Winky nodded and popped away, and Harry got back to packing.  Luna and Hermione should be there soon, and then they would be on their way to Georgia.  He still had no idea why Georgia, but Luna had been adamant that it be there, and since Harry wanted to get away for a while, now that he had finished his studies, who was he to argue.  Obviously, he knew Luna wasn’t telling him something since he was packing like the end of the world, was coming, but Luna said she wasn’t sure what was happening just that they needed to do what she said.

Harry had looked through all the housing he had available to him, which was a massive surprise within itself.  He had no idea he had inherited so much, and not just from his parents.

Harry could still, barely tolerate anyone even speaking Dumbledore’s name in his presence after all he had discovered.

Hermione had decided at the last minute to come with them after she had found out why he was packing.  “Honestly Harry, do you think I wouldn’t follow you if there is a chance the world is going to hell.”  She had huffed and gone to pack her own provisions, after extracting a promise from Harry he would pack the Black and Potter libraries and bring them along.  Harry had opened his mouth to argue when she had shut him down, “we have  room in the library at the Farmhouse, so just do it.” So he had ‘just done it’, even though he was sure there would be duplicates be he wasn’t about to argue with her when she had that stubborn look on her face.

Exhausted, after finishing packing, Harry shrunk all his trunks and placed them in his backpack, then flopped down on the chair in front of the fire.  “Winky,” he called, and smiled when she popped in with a tray of tea and biscuits, “you always know exactly what I need,” he said, picking up the tea and taking a sip, sighing in relief and the warm liquid soothed him. “How is everything coming along?”

“Winky has done everything Master Harry has asked.  Would Master Harry like Winky to deliver the portkeys?”

“Ah yes, Luna left a list,” Harry started to pat down his pockets to find it while he continued on, “obviously one goes to Sirius, Remus and little Teddy, how those two procreated is beyond me,” he mumbled as he finally found the list,” though they will probably come to join us, anyone, Sirius never did like it when I went anywhere without him.  Okay, the twins need one, Bill, Fleur and the kids, Charlie.” Harry scratched his chin thoughtfully, “though the Dragon reserve would be well protected anyway, no matter what happens.”  He started at a clearing of the throat.

“Really Harry, you think you are going to get out of the country without us?” Sirius said, Teddy on his hip and Remus smirking at Harry from behind him.

Harry just rolled his eyes and laughed getting up to greet his Godfather.  “I did say you wouldn’t let me go anywhere without you,”  Harry muttered as he hugged his Godson and Godfather.  he released them both and hugged Remus to him, as the man chuckled.

It wasn’t long before Hermione and Luna were back and it was time to head off, and Harry was excited for the first time in a long while.  He couldn’t wait to start a new chapter of his life without anyone knowing who he was.


“Harry?” Hershel called as he strolled into the barn, “are you in here?”

“Over here, Hershel,” Harry called back, from his place next to Bessy, “she’s having a little trouble getting the calf out.”

“Alright, let’s have a look shall we,” Hershel said, entering the stall and kneeling down next to the cow. “Did you get the results back from the …”

Harry smiled at Hershel sadly, he never knew what to call the dead that had risen.  Luna called them Walkers, while Sirius called them biters, ’cause they bite’ he said, amused with himself.  “Yes, it seems that the brain stem reanimates, Mione and Remus have determined that they had no other brain function other than the need to eat.  That seems to be the only thing that compels them.”  Harry shifted slightly knowing that this part Hershel wouldn’t like, “there is no way to cure them once they are bitten and turn, they are, for all intent and purpose, dead, and the only way to put them out of their misery is to destroy the brain.  Anything else and they just keeps coming.”





About gypsysue

Love to read, dabble in writing. Harry Potter is my favourite fanfiction. Love a good crossover with HP in most other genres, especially Twilight and Supernatural. Also a good True Blood HP crossover with a Godric/Harry Pairing.
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  1. quiltedlives says:

    Ok that’s different good different though


  2. starkindler76 says:

    I enjoyed that. It’s always fun to see a new take on crossovers with TWD. 😀

    Read the summary and my first out loud comment was “Amen, Sister!” *snickers* I don’t blame Luna in the least. I’d be on him like a limpet. 😀


  3. khleom says:

    Oh a crossover with Walking Dead, i’m a fan of this pairing, but there is so little of it out there. Thanks for this exerpt !
    And great EAD !


  4. chrisking2005 says:

    Ooooooo! Neat!


  5. Awesome start! I love this pairing but there is hardly any stories out there to read! So glad you are writing one!


  6. 19bcm78 says:

    Love the whole idea of this. And yes I completely agree with Luna and Hermione. If the world is ending I’m going to stay near Harry Potter. LOL.


  7. Smart zombie fic, one of my favorite tropes


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