Finding Peace.

Chapter 2
Title: Finding Peace
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter/ True Blood
Pairing: Harry/Godric  Sookie/Eric
Rating: M  
Warnings: Violence, talks of past child abuse (physical and mental for Harry, rape and torture, Godric) nothing graphic. Death. Very powerful MOD Harry. Mentions of a would be rape. EAD continuation.

I own nothing.

The first time Harry had seen Fangtasia, he couldn’t help the chuckle that left him.  He still shook his head every time he thought of the name.  It had been a year since the rooftop and things had been less peaceful than he had expected.  His relationship with Godric had been the only solid ground he could count on with the amount of trouble Sookie Stackhouse seemed to bring to their door.  In the time he had been with them he had cured her of a Maenad scratch, of all things, and killed the damn thing, managing to save Tara and her stupid ass boyfriend, who had tried to kill himself for something that wasn’t even his fault.  A good obliviate of all that black stuff had been enough to fix it right up.  Then there had been Franklin the psychotic vampire that tried to kidnap Tara.  Russell Edgington, the Magister the list was endless.  Harry could only thank the lord he was more powerful than he had ever been, and being the Master of Death didn’t hurt any.

Tommy, Sam’s brother and his family were another matter.  Harry had to obliviate the whole damn family into forgetting Sam ever existed.  They were more trouble than they were worth. He also bound their shifting abilities and erased all knowledge of that too.  Setting them up in a small town, with a garage and a decent life.  Much more than they deserved.  But Sam was grateful, and Harry really liked Sam, he reminded him of a mix between Sirius and Remus.

Harry leant back into Godric as he wrapped his arms around him from behind, “what has your mind so occupied?”  Harry shivered from the cool breath in his ear.

“Just remembering the last year,” he said with a sigh as he turned into his lover’s arms.

“And what a year it would have been without you, my Mate.”  Harry laughed and reached up to kiss Godric.

“Mmmm, yes, that Sookie is a walking danger sign.  I remember I use to be exactly like it, it’s probably why I have made so much effort to keep her alive.”

“Plus Eric would never let you live it down if anything happened to his little Fairy.”

“And isn’t that just shocking,” Harry laughed, “I thought Bill would be the victor in that little triangle, pity he is so weak willed and was under the Queen’s thrall.  I was glad to see the end of her and Russell I must admit.”

Godric leant down to kiss him again, a quick but passionate peck on the lips.  “I am glad to be your mate, and I am glad that word has spread, the Master of Death roams again, death to any who try his patience.”  He chuckled at Harry’s pout.

“Well Lady Magic did say I would be safe and happy, and since I am surrounded by bloodthirsty vampires and other Supernatural things, it only makes sense I can kill them all if I have too.”  Harry’s pout was adorable to Godric.  Much to Godric’s displeasure, Harry was also very attractive to everyone else.  The power he produced was astronomical but was only used for the benefit of the ones he called family.

Godric was now King of Louisiana, much to his annoyance, but Harry had insisted and warned Nan Flanagan to inform the Authority that they had none when it came to Louisiana.  It was under the protection of the Master of Death and any interference would bring the True Death to any that tried.  They had tried, but only once, Harry and Godric had happily returned the ashes to the Authority personally and show them why it was a good idea to butt out.  Roman was happy to comply, especially when Harry exposed the traitor in the mix, Salome, he also happened to destroy Lilith’s blood.

“What a convoluted system you vampires have. I can’t see it ending well, what with human nature being as it is, but at least our little bit of paradise will be safe.” Harry sighed as Godric held him tight.

“Yes well, we can leave that to them and just deal with Louisiana, and thank you very much for that,” Godric said, the distasted easy to hear in his voice.  He had not let Harry forget how upset he was that Harry had made him take charge.

“Well you are the oldest, and the least likely to get attacked since I am at your side. Plus you know how much Eric likes to gloat about how powerful he is now, being your right hand. He and Pam are insufferable since they can daywalk now.  The only three vampires in existence that can daywalk, he crows so much, I sometimes feel like I might just take it away so he would shut up.”

“If you did that he would just whine until you gave it back, or killed him, whichever comes first.”

“Oh for the love of all that is Holy,” Harry mumbled as he pulled away from Godric. “That Stackhouse family will be the end of me, I swear it,” he groaned.  The sound of the warning system he had put on Jason blaring in his head.

“Sookie is fine since you rescued her from the Fairy, what could she have possibly done now?”  Godric asked, exasperated.

“It’s Jason,” Harry murmured as he disappeared, taking Godric with him. Jason was tied to a bed, bite marks on his torso as two werepanthers, backed away from him at the sudden appearance of Harry and Godric.

“Seriously?” Harry asked as he waved his hand to free Jason from the ropes, “which of you thought this was a good idea?”  He forced the werepanthers back into human form and stared them down, waiting for an answer.

“We had to do something, we’re dying out here.” the woman replied.

“So you thought pissing off the Master of Death by taking what he declared as under his protection and doing, what exactly?”  Godric asked as the two scrambled backwards when Harry approached Jason to heal him.

“But it had to be him, he just smells so virile, we knew he would make a good breeder.”

Harry finished healing Jason, he was gonna let things go, until he heard that. “Was Jason going to get a say in this, or did you just plan on repeatedly raping him?”

The two may have been stupid but no-one was stupid enough to miss the rage in Harry’s voice.  He didn’t even bother to wait for an answer, he just wiped out the whole lot of them.  Godric stared at him, an eyebrow raised in question, though his eyes gave away the lust he was feeling at the extreme show of power.

“What!  The only good rapist is a dead one.” Godric chuckled as Harry beckoned him over and disappeared with all three of them back to Fantasia. “Well, we better get Sookie, call Eric and have him bring her.  I have to berate Jason for a while, it will make me feel better.”

Godric laughed at the look on Jason’s face as he did what he was asked and called his childe to him.  He didn’t know whether to stay and watch or run for the hills in case it turned into a Harry rant.


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Love to read, dabble in writing. Harry Potter is my favourite fanfiction. Love a good crossover with HP in most other genres, especially Twilight and Supernatural. Also a good True Blood HP crossover with a Godric/Harry Pairing.
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