Of Love and Revenge

Evil Author Day
Chapter 2
Title: Of Love and Revenge
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Cedric
Rating: M  
Warnings: Death of characters.  Time Travel, powerful Harry and Cedric, shared powers.  Dumbledore bashing, some Weasley bashing, talk of child abuse (physical and mental only), revenge, suffering, pain, torture.  Talks of potion abuse and bad language
Summary: Harry dies and in the place between life and death, learns of all the wrongs that had been done to him.  He pulls Cedric to the in-between, and there they make their plans.  Harry and Cedric shared MOD.
:speaking parseltongue:

Harry and Cedric landed in front of Gringotts, and Harry smiled at the fact he did not face plant.  He had never been good at magical travel, but it seemed, this time, he wouldn’t have an issue.  He wondered if it was because he was undamaged or if it was because he was Master of Death.

“Let’s go cause some havoc,” Harry said, as he pulled Cedric into the bank.  They could feel the eyes of the Goblins on them as they made their way to a teller, and from the corner of his eye, Harry caught one of the little buggers running off.  He suspected that soon the bank would be closed and the Director would be ushering them to his office.

Getting even with the Goblins that betrayed him was just the first step, and Cedric could feel Harry’s excitement and anger radiate off of him as he spotted Griphook.

:This is going to be fun: Harry hissed causing Cedric to chuckle.

It only took moments for the other customers to be ushered out of the bank, the doors slamming and locking echoed through the now empty space.  The Chief Goblin came in surrounded by his guards.

“What is the meaning of this breach?” came Ragnarok’s voice.

“I have come to seek revenge against the Goblin nation for its crimes against me, Lord Harry James Potter and my betrothed, Cedric Diggory,”  Harry stated.

“And who are you wizard to seeks such things,” and they both could hear the sneer in his voice as he spoke down to them, sure of his position and power.

Harry and Cedric held hands and let their power show, light flooding the bank causing the Goblins to fall to their knees.  “You have cheated, stolen and withheld from me, Harry Potter, Master of Death, and for that, I should decimate you all,” Harry stated and chuckled at the dawning horror echoing on every Goblin’s face in the lobby. Cedric squeezed his hand and smiled indulgently at his husband.

Griphook slowly rose into the air, and the rest watched on in horror as he fell to the floor,  hitting it as nothing but dust.  A small gust of wind lifted the ashes, and they seemed to vanish from sight. “That one and the Potter account manager and team,” a group of nine Goblins rose into the air and again hit the floor as dust, then dissipated, “can not be redeemed, but maybe you can do something to alleviate my need to kill the rest of you?”

After that display of power, all the Goblins had lower to the floor their necks on display, expecting judgment, when Harry’s words penetrated their minds, and Ragnarok stood, shaking slightly, to face the man, no God, that could bring their destruction. “What would you have of us, My Lord?” he asked, his tone so reverent that Cedric blinked in surprise.

:I didn’t think it would be that easy,: he whispered to Harry, who just shrugged.

He turned to the Goblin Chief and rubbed his hands together in glee, “Let’s clean up my accounts, take back what is mine and destroy a few lives shall we.”

Their time at the bank was rather productive so far, Harry had recovered all the money and items that had been stolen from him, with the help of not only the Goblins but also a very loyal house elf.  “Remind me to get Winky would you, I know she and Dobby were, well, whatever it is that elves do with each other,” Cedric laughed at the face Harry pulled.

“You mean they were going to make baby elves?” Cedric sniggered as Harry make another face.

“Yeah that,” Harry said, crinkling his nose.  They sat in Ragnarok’ s office going through the files of all the stuff that had been returned to them.  “Bloody hell, I knew Molly and Ron had their sticky little fingers in my trust vault, but look at this Ceds,” Harry exclaimed.

“Helga’s fluffy knickers, why the hell would they have Lily’s portrait when James’ was locked away in Dumbledore’s vault?”

“Helga’s fluffy knickers? Really?” Harry burst out laughing, “I will have to remember that one, or can only Puff’s use it?”

“Yeah, yeah, back to the problem at hand, right!”

“Well, we can ask mum when we get the portraits back to the Manor, but I would assume that they kept the portraits apart as some kind of torture, which just makes me all the more furious at the old bastard and the red headed menaces, but mum’s portrait was at the Burrow, so it must have been in a hidden room.  If that bitch was tormenting my mother with me being so close to her but…”  Cedric pulled Harry into a hug to try and calm him down as his magic lashed out around him.

“We will find out all the details from Lily, and then we will take action.  I do wonder why they never said anything to us about this, though.”  Harry just shrugged and reached for more parchment.

“Have my parents true will released immediately, I want Sirius freed as soon as possible, and I’m going to need one of your ritual rooms so I can get rid of Tom Riddle,  get me as much dirt as you can on every member of the Ministry and Wizengamot, also all Death Eaters marked and unmarked, purchase the Prophet and get the news out,  I am going to need a clear path so I can take out the Ministry and burn this world to the ground.   Harry turned to Cedric, “how do you think your dad would like to be Minister?”

Ragnarok looked terrified at the smile on Harry’s face, “don’t worry Goblin, we plan to rebuild it, your place in it, though, will depend on how well you fix all your mistakes.” The Goblin shivered at the malice in the young man’s voice and vowed to do whatever it took to keep on the right side of Death.  He pitied anyone who stood in their path.

Harry and Cedric were shown to the ritual room, where Harry used the ritual Death had taught him, to retrieve lost souls using Cedric as his anchor. Runes were carved carefully around the circle, and Harry added his blood to activate them,  :I call to me the shards of Tom Marvolo Riddle, bring me the pieces so I may reunite his soul for judgement.:  The power in the room became almost suffocating to the Goblins that stood around the outside of the circle as the pressure built until little pops were heard as pieces appeared inside the space.  Harry had not expected the construct of Voldemort, he thought just the soul piece would be pulled from it, but there it was in all its glory, little babymort, Nagini wrapped around it protectively.

“Who dares,” was all the thing managed to get out before the magic pulled the shards of the soul together, and was it judged and destroyed. Lady Magic stood before Cedric and Harry as the soul of Lord Voldemort was taken from the world, she moved forward and kissed them both on the forehead, “be blessed my children, and take heart that I shall be your sword in your battle to come,” with that she faded from sight.

“Blessed Lady,” the Goblins murmured as they watch the scene unfold, dropping to the knees. “May she have mercy,” Ragnarok added as he realised the full extent of the trouble they were facing.  It was one thing for Death’s Master to be angry at them, he would wipe them out quickly, Lady Magic could pull her gift from their very beings and that would be a slow torture to suffer for any magical being.

The whole ritual took only twenty minutes, much to Cedric and Harry’s surprise, and the relics that housed the Horcrux’ were left intact, except Nagini, who did not survive the removal. “Send the locket, cup and diadem to my vault, until I decide what to do with them, burn the book and the snake,” Harry said, and could see the Goblins desire to claim the items battle against their survival mode, and pinpointed the exact moment their desire for life won out.  Fighting against Death and Magic was hard.

They were delighted with the progress they had made, so they headed home to Potter Manor.

“Dobby,” Harry called out as he took a seat in the family room, after hanging up the portraits of his parents, he had things to do before he wanted to have that discussion with them.

“What can Dobby be doing for Master Harry?”

“Sneaky little elf you are,” Harry said and watched as Dobby seemed to shrink in on himself, “don’t worry, I won’t free you, even though you snuck a bond on me, and didn’t tell me.  Do you know how much easier my life would have been if I had known.”

“Dobby is sorry Master Harry…” Harry held up his hand causing Dobby to stop.

“That fucking asshole,” Harry bellowed, as he moved to kneel in front of Dobby, “that whiskered wanker as if I don’t have enough reason to want to kill that goat fucker.”

“Harry, language,” his mother chastised from her portrait.

Harry grimaced, “sorry mum, but that waste of human space has spelled Dobby.”  Harry waved his hands over the elf and could see the moment the spells were removed as Dobby dropped to his knees and panted as the pressure built and released.

“Dobby feels much better now Master Harry.”

“I’m sure you do, now that all those curses have been lifted,” he smirked at Dobby, “so how do you feel about getting some revenge?”

Dobby rubbed his hands together with glee, “Dobby likes revenge Master Harry, can we be adding mean old Master to that list?”

“Of course Dobby, Lucius Malfoy has it coming after all.  Do you want to deal with him personally?”

“Dobby has the best Master in the whole world,” the little elf said gleefully as he hugged Harry.

“Just one more thing, to keep you up to date,” Harry said as he placed his hands onto Dobby’s head, causing the elf to sway as memories flooded his mind.  When they finally ended, Dobby scowled up at Harry, his eyes gleaming.

“I see Master Harry, I see very well,” he muttered darkly before he bounced back and added, “when we be getting my Winky back?”

Harry laughed and patted Dobby on the shoulder, “after the World Cup of course, and won’t Crouch be surprised when I bring his son to the attention of all around after he has freed your Winky of course.”

“Dobby can you get us some tea, please,” Cedric asked the elf as he settled into the chair by the fire, Harry sitting on the chair next to his.

“Yes Master Ceddy,” Dobby said and popped away.  The wards pinged at that moment and Harry felt Dumbledore bounce off of them.

“You really should change the wards from defensive to war wards,” Harry’s dad said from his portrait, snuggled up to Lily, “after everything Dumbledork has done, it would be nice to see him lose a limb.”

“Who knew your dad was so bloodthirsty, Harry,” Cedric said, laughing.

“You would be bloodthirsty to if he had kept you from your son and wife,” James grunted.

“Yes, about that?” Harry asked, “why did he separate you and give mum to Molly of all people?”

“He thought it would be funny to keep us apart, but he didn’t give me to Molly until you first started to go to the Burrow.” Lily scowled before continuing, “that bitch, thought it was funny to taunt me about you being so close and thinking of her as a mother when she was potioning you and planned to kill you for your money, our money,” she motioned between James and herself.

Cedric reached over and grabbed Harry’s hand as he felt the magic build, “you thought it was something like that, and we will make her pay, we will make them all pay.”

“Yes they will but until then,” Harry paused and the room seemed to still for a second before Lily and James Potter were standing in front of them, in all the ghostly glory, much to the surprise of their paintings.

“Baby,” Lily said and rushed forward to embrace her son, and Cedric in turn, swapping out with her husband.  The joys of being the Master of Death was to not cause the souls any pain and to be able to touch them.  Harry would have been beside himself if it wasn’t for the fact he had spent plenty of time with his parents in the in-between.

“Update your portraits mum and dad,” Harry said as he released his father.  His parents walked over to their frames and pressed their hands into the crystal in the left-hand corner, a glow encase the frame, causing it to sizzle slightly before the spirits were sucked into the crystal as it pulsed.

“Well that was unexpected,” James said as he ran his hand down his face.

“Quite,” Lily added as she tried to adjust to being a painting, “but imagine just what we can achieve now that we are here and able to walk into any painting, anywhere.  I think I am going to pay a visit to Severus,” Lily said

“Hrmm, I think Minerva needs a visit,” James added, before turning to Harry, “get Remus and Sirius, bring them here and fix any spells they have on them, we shall return shortly, and thank you son.” With that James and Lily shared a kiss before leaving their frame.

“Helga help them,” Cedric said as he laughed, “I wouldn’t like to be Snape right now, and I’m not sure how things with McGonagall will go either.”

“I guess we will figure out how they became portraits later since they seemed so eager to get revenge rather than find out why they were sucked into a painting.  I wonder if I can get them out of there?”

“I’m sure you can. I would be more interested to see how Snape reacts.”

“Where the hell is Remus and Sirius.  I remember Sirius saying something about an Island, but I have no idea where Remus… stupid, Dobby?”

“What can Dobby be doing for Master Harry.”

“Can you find Sirius Black and Remus Lupin?”

Dobby still for a second and then nodded, “yes I be finding them.”

“Good, get them and bring them here, please.”

Dobby popped out and returned a few minutes later with Sirius Black, followed by Remus Lupin a few minutes after that.

“Pup? What’s going on?”

“It’s a long story but first,” Harry waved his hand over Sirius while Cedric did the same for Remus, and both men shook their heads at the amount of damage done to the two of them.  “I never thought being the Master of Death would be such a relief, it would have taken years to fix this shite,” he murmured as Cedric and he set about fixing the damage done to the two men. Dobby popped them up to bed, as they had passed out during the healing, they would probably wake in an hour or two.

Harry and Cedric were looking over some initial reports from the Goblins when his very pleased looking parents reentered their frames. “By the looks on your faces, things went well?”

“I think Severus may have had a heart attack,” Lily said as she sat on the sofa in the portrait.

“He’s still alive, though, shame that,” James said, earning a smack from his wife.

“Now James, we don’t want him expiring anytime soon, I need to make him suffer like he made my baby suffer.”

James shuddered, and looked at Harry, “I almost pity the man.”

“Did he have anything to say for himself?” Cedric asked.

“He wasn’t really capable of speech, and when it seemed he had regained the ability, I was rather busy berating him rather than letting him talk,” Lily said as she smiled at them, “I have plans to visit him as often as possible at the most inopportune times.”  Harry laughed at the innocent look on his mother’s face.

“What did Minerva have to say for herself?” Harry asked.

“Not a lot, she didn’t seem to be able to see or hear me, it was weird,” James said.

“Considering what I found on Sirius and Remus when I had them brought here, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was just as spell damaged. The Hogwarts claiming should fix that though.” Cedric smirked at the look on Harry’s face.

“When are you going to do that?” Lily asked at the same time as James asked, “where are Sirius and Remus?”

“Sirius and Remus are upstairs recovering, they should be up and about soon, as for Hogwarts, whenever I get to it,” Harry shrugged.

“Well while you are playing around here, would you do your mother a favour?” Lily asked, a devious smile on her lips.

“Sure, anything,” Harry said.

“Can you go and burn down the Burrow?”

“Mum!” Harry laughed, and it took a moment to calm himself, Cedric wasn’t doing much better, “what about the innocent Weasleys?”

“Is there such a thing?” Lily laughed, “Bill and Charlie are out of the house, and Arthur would be at the Ministry.”

“I bet their clock is pointing at Mortal Danger right now and they have no idea why,” Harry said, “maybe we should consistently plan their demise for a while, you know psychological torture.”  That cause laughter all round, and Lily agree, just as long as Molly and the other guilty Weasleys were punished eventually.


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Love to read, dabble in writing. Harry Potter is my favourite fanfiction. Love a good crossover with HP in most other genres, especially Twilight and Supernatural. Also a good True Blood HP crossover with a Godric/Harry Pairing.
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  1. alexicyn says:

    **Cackles MADLY** This is AWESOME!!!!! I adore a good punishment fic, and this looks to be Da Bomb!!!


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    I love it!thank you


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    Oh, hell, yeah!


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