Second Time Around – Rewrite…

Chapter 2
Title: Second Time Around
Author: Gypsysue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco/Harry
Rating: M 
Warnings: Death of Main Characters, not permanent.  Talks of child abuse, only Physical and mental. Veela bonding.  Graphic violence.

Like usual JK Rowling owns Harry Potter, I just play in her park.

A preview of the next chapter for Evil Author Day. Since so many ask me about this fic in particular.

Chapter 2

Laughter could be heard echoing through the halls, along with the sound of shoes slapping against the marble floors, and Lucius marvelled at the noise.  Harry had been with them for a little over six years, and things could not have been going better.  Draco and Harry’s bond was so profoundly tight, they were sharing magics at this point.  The Veela Council had been instrumental in securing them full custody of Harry and also in removing and targeting all of the remaining Horcruxes.

They officially lived in a Dark Lord free world, and Lucius and Severus could not be happier.  The removal of the Dark Marks had made it impossible for anyone to move against either of them, and Severus was free of Dumbledore and all his manipulations.   Life was pretty good, except for the constant harassment of said Chief Warlock and Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Even with the complete backing of the Veela Council and the Ministry, Dumbledore rallied his allies, to try and regain control of his Golden Boy.  Although his popularity had waned due to the conditions of Harry’s previous living environment, and his part in them had been made public, he still had his die hard, for the Great Good members.

The other contention in his life could be heard barking, followed by a high pitch squeal, “Padfoot, stop it,”  Draco’s voice sounded annoyed, as it always did when that blasted mutt would pounce on Harry.  Once Sirius Black had been freed and cleared of all charges, and really, why had he done that? He had insisted on being close to his Godson.  Showing his Gryffindor courage, he had bulldozed his way into their lives and never left.

He moved to follow the sounds of a dog howling in pain and a laughing Harry and came upon his son pulling Sirius by the tail, while berating him for harming Harry, who found the whole thing funny, judging by his laughter and red face.   “And what exactly is going on in here?”

“Daddy, Padfoot was hurting Harry again,” Draco huffed and gave the tail in his hand another hard yank, well as hard as a seven-year-old could.  The dog howled again and quickly changed back into Sirius.

“I was doing no such thing, Harry likes it when I pounce on him,” said the man and turned to the laughing little boy, hands on hips and asked, “right Pup?”  Harry backed away, hands in the air and shaking his head while trying to contain his laughter.

“Oh no, I know better than to choose a side,” he said.  “Uncle Lucius,” Harry turned his bright green eyes on him, giving him the full force of the puppy dog look.  Lucius caved under that look every time, without fail. He couldn’t help but remember the dead boy from the future or the broken boy they had rescued all those years ago. “Tell them to stop making me choose, it’s not fair,”  Harry said and stamped his foot in annoyance.

Lucius turned his glare on Sirius and Draco, though it was less glare and more annoyance at himself for never being able to resist Harry, so he missed the amused look the boy was sending the two.  “If you two would please behave, and Sirius Black, I expect better from a grown man.”

“Not fair, Harry,” Sirius whined, while Draco smiled proudly at his mate.

“Why must I be stuck with a grown man that has less maturity than my seven-year-olds I will never know,” Lucius muttered as he quickly strode from the room before Harry could use his powers against him again.  Damn those soulful green eyes.  A small smile played on Lucius’ lips, he knew deep down he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Harry had been a joy since coming into their lives, and Narcissa had been overjoyed at having another baby to raise.  She had been completely smothering in the first few years, after discovering Harry’s beginnings at the Dursley’s.

He chuckled to himself, their punishment had been a thing of beauty.  Lucius was all set to hand them over to the Goblins, but the Veela council took them instead.  Harming a mate of a Veela was a major taboo and Veela were nothing if not inventive.  He had no clue if they were alive or not, but Dudley, or Jacob, as he was now known, was flourishing with his new parents.  Lucius made sure to get updates on the little boy every six months, in case Harry ever wanted to get to know him.

“Master Sir, there is being a floo call for you,” Jilly said as she popped in front of Lucius.

“Did they say who it was, Jilly?” he asked as he knelt down to look her in the eye.  Jilly had been thriving under the new rules of the Manor and was very proud when her master had followed through with rewarding her and made her a Vassal of the house.  All the elves now thrived under the Malfoy’s care. Though none was happier than Dobby, who had been made Harry’s personal elf.

“It be Arthur Weasley, Sir.”

“Thank you, Jilly, could you please set refreshments in my office, while I collect Mr Weasely?”

“Jilly do,” the elf said and popped away, while Lucius made his way to the Floo.

“Arthur, come on through,” the blond said after he opened the connection, allowing his visitor to travel through.

“Thanks, Lucius, I have some news from the Order,” Arthur said before he pulled his head out and then stepped out of the floo.

“Come through to my office, we will be more comfortable there,” he said as he led the way.  They had a few spies in the Order of the Phoniex, though why it was still called that he had no idea.  He had outed Dumbledore a few years ago, letting everyone know that Fawkes was actually not bound to the Headmaster but looked after the school.  He had been Godric’s bound companion and stayed at the school where he would bond to the worthy heirs of Gryffindor.   They had found out when Fawkes had flamed in during Harry’s fifth birthday dinner. The two started communicating, Lucius had thought the headmaster was trying to kidnap the boy, but instead, Fawkes had leaned forwards and nipped Harry’s finger, causing it to bleed and then had nipped his own leg and exchanged blood with the boy.

All the Malfoys and Sirius had never seen a Phoniex bond before and were fascinated, once Harry had told them what was going on.

“So what can I do for you today, Arthur?”  Lucius asked once they were both settled and had drinks.

“Well, it seems Dumbledore is trying to convince the remainder of the Order that you have somehow created a false bond between Harry and Draco and that he has found a spell to remove the bond.” Lucius frowned at Arthur, trying to understand what exactly Dumbledores angle was.

He couldn’t get control of Harry’s assets anymore, they had been forever removed from his grubby little fingers, so what exactly was he after.

“And, how pray tell, does he think he can accomplish this?”

“He has uncovered a spell, I have no idea how he got his hands on something so dark, but it will sever a bond of a Veela pairing…”

“I yes, never fear Arthur, this spell is not real.  Many years ago, a man fell in love with a Veela who was mated to his brother, as you can imagine it cause quite the family feud.  The brother, so caught up in his jealousy, captured them both and experimented on the Veela, while his brother was chained up and made to watch.” Arthur gasped, and Lucius paused to take a drink.

“Yes, it was unimaginable that a family member could do such a thing.  The experiments failed, of course, the brother did not survive past the Veela waking up. He had misjudged her power to burn through the potions he was using to keep her docile.  He was burned to a crisp, so the story goes.  The Veela council had been horrified that he had managed to find a potion that could keep the Veela down as long as it had, their immunity to Wizard potions is, after all, the stuff of legends.”

“Did her partner survive?”

“Of course, she would not have lived if he had not.  The most informative part of this conversation is who the Veela was.” Lucius raised an eyebrow as he watches Arthur work through what he meant, and knew the moment he figured it out.

“There was talk, when I was a child, that a Veela had been potioned, the only reason it made news was that she was the daughter of the Rulers,” Arthur said.

“Exactly so, and as you can imagine, heads rolled, from the potion masters who made the potions to the bodyguards of the Princess. What was unsaid, and only known among Veela and their spouses, was that a spell was created.  It was said to have the power to break the bond of a Veela, but that was the story created for the public, let slipped by ‘unknown sources’ when in reality, that spell will render its user a squib.” Lucius laughed as the realisation passed over Arthurs’ face. “Veela are vicious in defence of their own, never forget that Arthur.”

He chuckled at the look on Arthur’s face, the man had been a blessing in disguise. After Sirius had brought it to the attention of the man, just how far Dumbledore and Molly had gone to control him, well he was one pissed off Pureblood male.  He had bound Molly up so tight in family magic, it was a wonder the woman could function, but it had been a most satisfying punishment for a woman who had bound his will for such a long time.

Molly could barely breathe without her husband’s permission, and the funniest thing about it,  Dumbledore had no idea, so he continued to confide in the red-headed woman which in turn gave Arthur access to everything she knew.

“You should let Dumbledore do the spell, I can’t think of anyone more suited to the punishment of becoming a squib.”

“I think Dumbledore is going to make someone else use the spell,” Arthur said.

“Well, anyone stupid enough to interfere with the Veela deserves all that happens to them, do they not?”

“I suppose they do, yes.” Arthur smirked a bit before adding, “maybe he will make Molly do it,” causing Lucius to laugh out loud.

“We can only hope that if he does not do it himself, he rids you of your burden instead.”

It was three days later that Lucius learned that Dumbledore indeed used Molly Weasley as the spell caster, with Arthurs permission, but instead of making her a squib, it had killed her outright.  Or more than likely Dumbledore had killed her when the spell failed, and she threatened him.  Either way, Arthur was free, though he did feel sorry for the children.

Lucius had sent him a couple of house elves to help out around the house and with the children, much to Arthurs appreciation.  He had also learnt that the Weasleys had cut all ties with Dumbledore.


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Love to read, dabble in writing. Harry Potter is my favourite fanfiction. Love a good crossover with HP in most other genres, especially Twilight and Supernatural. Also a good True Blood HP crossover with a Godric/Harry Pairing.
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    Wonderfully well done. I love all your stories and can’t wait to read more.


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