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A Mother’s Love

Title: A Mother’s Love Author: gypsysue Fandom/Genre: Harry Potter Relationship(s):Undecided Content Rating: R Warnings: Character death, violence. Summary: Lily knew her death was a given, she didn’t intend to leave her son unprotected, but even she didn’t expect these results. EVIL … Continue reading

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Fixing Past Mistakes

Title: Fixing Past Mistakes Author: Gypsysue Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Draco/Harry Rating: M   Warnings: Character death.  Time travel, Good Malfoy’s Summary: When he dies, Lucius is confronted by Lily and given a second chance to redeem himself and his family. This is a sneak … Continue reading

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Lily’s Plan B

Title: Lily’s Plan B Author: Gypsysue Fandom: Harry Potter/ Twilight Pairing:  Lily/ James  Rosalie/Emmett  Alice/Jasper  Esme/Carlisle  more to come. Rating: M   Warnings: Control through spells, magic tampering, Bad Dumbledore. Summary: Lily, not trusting Dumbledore decides to make her own plans. Alice brings the … Continue reading

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